Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Halamish attack: The writing was all over the wall
Nahum Barnea
Published: 23.07.17, 23:27
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1. fool urges capitulation
dante   (07.24.17)
fool! if only the Jews would cower, beg forgiveness, retreat, then, everything would be fine, right? fool.
2. Enough Already
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.24.17)
Let the Waqf control the Temple Mount. Israel controls all of the roads leading to the aforementioned. Stage a blockade on every roadway leading to the area. If the worshipers can't get near the place - they can't daven there and if they can't daven there - no smuggling of weapons is possible.
3. Surely, kidding
Abba ,   Phoenix   (07.24.17)
I thought this guy had written a sarcastic piece - but no, he's serious! OMG. Keep letting these Arabs who occupy the land dictate the terms! OMG. What a terrible idea. Oh, the Arabs are unhappy - as my bubbe would say, I tsitter worrying about how these murderers feel. Foolish, foolish commentary.
4. Is Israel France in the Middle East?
David ,   New york   (07.24.17)
The rush to capitulate is truly European.
as much as we have been led to think that Israel is strong, in reality their mentality is similar to France: they throw up the white flag in the blink of an eye.
This is very short sighted, and it makes Israel a weaker and more dangerous place.
Evidence: giving gaza to Hamas, releasing thousands of terrorists in exchange for dead bodies and drug dealers
5. Why look for complex reasons ? Look at it in a holistic way
Melville ,   Nice   (07.24.17)
Why look for complex reasons ? Look at it in a holistic way. The same happens everywhere in the West, particularly in Europe: disgruntled muslims kill, maim, slit throats, stab, put bombs...what excuse have they got there ? And why should the West fall into the trap of trying to understand their motivations? It is the continuation of the war started by Islam from its origin. We need to understand that in order to neutralise them. Once and for all. After all it is a global war, not too dissimilar to the war against another type of fascism, back in the 30's and 40's. We will win it.
6. the photo of the blood
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.24.17)
it is cold
it is scary
horror is there
terror is there
a nation is there
the other nation is there as blood under the blood

two nations are in blood and in a dead lock
is there anyone still asking for the peace ?

I feel that The God broke the pen on israel and the rich arabic states to end

7. mr. netanyahu ! you poor mind
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.24.17)
taking a naion down !
your nation
you know that this is what you do
you dont think of your childreen of tomorrows
admit it please
in deep of your heart that you know this

who did put you there !
your people ? or palestinians !

admit me please that you or the angry israelies ! which of you is worst ?

8. It's the Rightwing Regime's support of jewish fascism.
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (07.24.17)
religious fanaticism, brainwashed youth with pretty bible fairy tales about templemount, which has not been a jewish site for over 2000 years!!!..fanatical craziness of "jewish" fascists who constantly provoke Palestinians, who constantly terrorise Palestinians, who constantly steal their land piece by piece. They never thought that somebody will have to pay the price one day.
9. Mr. Appeasement.
tiki ,   belgium   (07.24.17)
Nahum Barnea & friends from the Left are the reason why the Waqf & Palestinians are dancing on Israeli graves.
10. "wisdom"
C   (07.25.17)
the only wisdom is to kill those who want to kill you before they
have a chance.

we have had enough of inquisitions, persecutions, rape, torture,
genocide, shoa.
11. The answer is treating "Palestinians" as mortal foes
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.25.17)
It is obvious why Israel suffers constant terror at the hands of "Palestinians". Israel constantly appeases them and gives them every possible opportunity to terrorize us. Had the WW II Allies been dumb enough to help and support the Nazis, the Nazis would have constantly terrorized the Allies, and ultimately would have won WW II.

The obvious answer is for Israel to treat "Palestinians" as the mortal foes they are. As for Barnea, his writing is beyond disgusting and borders on treason. He should not be employed in the mainstream media.
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