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Israel looking for a way out of crisis without compromising pride
Alex Fishman
Published: 23.07.17, 19:07
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1. NO way this should happen their will be Jewish Intiafada !
DelusionalFishman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.23.17)
Hey Fishman go hide under your bed in Tel Aviv with the rest
of Ashkenazi Elite Media trying to infect the people with your
sick illness of neurotic fears
In case you haven't looked lately outside of your Tel Aviv Cacoon
60 % of Israel is now Mizrachi Jews with the same mentality
as the Moslems and carry with them a serious resentment to
how their parents were treated in Morocco Iraq Syria Libya
Algeria Tunis Lebanon and will not hesitate to retaliate
Arab terror with like Middle Eastern style violence if pushed to the wall add
to this an ever growing Nationalist Religious Public with huge
birthrate larger even than the Haredim and throw in for
good measure Russian Jews and you will see that you
are a tiny minority now 5% no more of the population
together with 20% of the Arabs both Fifth Columns in
the eyes of most Israelis . Fishman your world
begins at Rothschild Blvd and ends at Frishman you live
in a delusional ghetto world.
2. Mark
Mark ,   Centennial   (07.23.17)
All you have to do is listen to the pure hate on this page to understand the Palestinians live under this mindset everyday who controls their every movement and makes even basic human rights seem like a huge favor.
3. Mr
geoff menzer ,   Tel Aviv   (07.23.17)
I must remind everyone,that in 2000 when I lived in UK,I was informed that following Sharon's Temple Mount walkabout with many armed guards,the Israeli government MUST have known what the possible outcome was going to be.An extraordinary meeting was called for the local shul public,adressed by someone from Israeli Embassy.There was a prepared speech followed by two prepared questions from the floor .Nobody was allowed to speak or comment.The 2nd intifada followed..
The people,minority tho they are,who were allowed to march thro Arab areas of East Jerusalem last year chanting "we will destroy the mosque and build a 3rd temple" on the SAME DAY that Israel and Jordan had confirmed status quo would not change ,only added to the hostility,even as Israelis were being mowed down and stabbed at bus stops.These extreme right wing/religious folk do not consider the effects of their actions and speeches on Israels population.
Whilst we know that the Arabs are looking for any excuse to blame Israel or start riots,surely we should not give them the opportunity!
In the coalition with its extreme right wing settlement and religious politicians,it is often a case of the tail wagging the dog.Netanyahu lets them have their way in order to maintain the government and thus his position.
Having lived here for 8 years,I dont see that there will be peace in forseeable future.SAD!
4. What Pride? Politicians & Media Elite Trample it daily
NoPrideLeft2save ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.24.17)
For 40 years the Left dominated media elite has trampled the
pride of the Jews of Israel on a daily basis 24/7 feeding the
public a daily basis of Fear and demoralization and all
with the official approval of the Likud mostly to the point that
there is no pride left "Bad Jew Good Palestinian " that's the Mantra
Ohad Hamo of Chanel 2 calls Israelis Jews a "hateful nation" The Arab
Affairs reporter has changed his skin and become
a Palestinian Arab 100% while making a bundle of $
working for Israeli media nice work if you can get it and
you can here no problem whatsoever in fact the more
you hate Israel the bigger media star you will be
so don't be surprised that the Arab Palestinian or other
sees a stupid nation like ours on its way to
self destruction they must roar with laughter when they
see us fighting among ourselves cant blame them !
5. Pride is not relevant- safety is!
doda ,   Givatayim   (07.24.17)
Dangerous thing, politicians afraid of "loosing face" .
6. Uncontrollable rage of Jews will explode in the streets!!!
7. Backing down would be disastrous
Alan Stein ,   Netanya   (07.24.17)
We'll pay a heavy price if Israel again appeases terrorists and removes the metal detectors.
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