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Fears and hopes in Jewish Agency ‘refugee center’ in Ukraine
Itamar Eichner
Published: 29.07.17, 23:48
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1. Close to Astrakhan, the center of Khazaria a thousand years
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.30.17)
ago. Scores of beautiful "Jewish" women and inspiring intellectuals came from Ukraine, and it was the center of cultural Zionist revival. Many Jews from Poland ran to Ukraine when Germany invaded in 1939 and thus survived the war. It's a great pity what Stalin did to Ukraine in the 1920s and 30s. Let's hope Ukraine will manage to survive Putin's megalomania.
2. How different these people are from the family I grew up
Rivkah   (07.30.17)
with who banished the oldest sister for being mentally ill with a child and her husband abandoning her instead of taking her and the child in. Paganized Christianity is what that is called. Emperor Constantine paganized the early Messianic church and banned the Jewish Sabbath, the Jewish Holy days, the monotheism. He took out the heart and soul of the religion of Yeshua the Messiah by banishing the Song of Moses. Paganized Christianity does not believe in the strong carrying the weak as Israel is doing for those fleeing to the loving arms of a nation based on mitzvohs.
3. Jews in Israel have weapons
C   (07.30.17)
that is the difference with the ukraine and other parts of the world.

in israel jews have weapons, all kinds of weapons.
israel has been attacked many times by enraged neighbours,
and each time she has won.
4. message to those making aliyah
C   (07.30.17)
it is never easy to leave the old, even the bad old, for an uncertain future.
yet believe me, however difficult the new will be, it will be better than
the old. for the first time in your lives, you will feel free and you
will feel proud. you will be in your own country, among brothers.
all hardships will eventually be lessened. it might take time,
but you will achieve. above all, your children's lives will be better.
5. More economic "Jewish" refugees who will take the money &run
OnlyNowTheirComing?! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.30.17)
Will they follow in the footsteps of the thousands who came in
the 90's not out of Zionism but just to get out of harms way until
they could get a visa to America Canada Australia etc take
the mortgage loan sell it to Arabs like Nazareth Elite and Carmiel
now 20% Arab thanks to these "Jewish immigrants" and flee
with the big profits after selling them to Arabs back to Russia
Ukraine or elsewhere. They will of course be good for
business the Alcohol industry the Pork Industry and of
course the non Jewish voter block of Lieberman and
Kassina Svetlova haters of Judaism I guess
that's good news...? Where were all these "Jews" for the
last 20 years what a bunch of BS. The Arabs and our
enemies use these mostly Fake Jews as reasons
for our being a "foreign entity" here
6. "Jews"?1 great great grandparent who left Judaism 4 Comunism
OnlyNowTheyCome? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.30.17)
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