Abbas: Israel most to lose in termination of security ties
Elior Levy
Published: 23.07.17, 18:30
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1. We go thru metal detectors after 9/11. So should arabs...
Dudik ,   NY, NY   (07.23.17)
... tramping on Jewish Holiest Site - Temple Mount. Arab terrorist murderers must be pat down. Racism on visits to Temple Mount! Arabs may come on Fridays. Jews & Christians - during the week. G-d does not hear moslem prayers anyway. Waste of moslem time when they should be working employed by Israelis. No arabs = no terror!
2. Stop influx of pal freeloaders to israeli hospitals
ab   (07.23.17)
3. Abbas thinks he can dictate to the Jewish state
C   (07.23.17)
this holocaust denying terrorist thinks that he can dictate to the jewish
chances are that he might be right given the attitude of netanyahu
and lieberman.
netanyahu wants to avoid war, intifada, terror, at all costs.
israel cannot survive by appeasement policies.
4. Seems he may be right, cause we're idiots!
5. So Abbas is back from the cold
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.24.17)
Is he the guy who said on Friday he would go into frozen hibernation just when real leadership was needed to stop the violence?


Now he reappears like a decrepit decaying old sunflower when the storm seems to be over

Is he supposed to be a statesman as he sees himself or is he simply a doddering old buffoon at heart?

This is violence that started when two boys murdered two policemen with weapons smuggled and stored in Al Quds and where security was simply enhanced with the use of metal detectors! HARDLY AN ISSUE

Yes on their part Israeli police might have been better advised to consult and discuss with their Jordanian counterparts before they introduced these protective measures but it wasn't as if the Israelis placed Al Quds in lockdown and something had to be done urgently to stop more such attacks

And then out of the blue...any excuse by the likes of that hideous Israeli MK Tibi (who thinks hes Palestinian and with the mental capacity of a baked bean) (apologies to all baked beans) and assorted Jordanian politicians to pile in with any EXCUSE to fire the flames of division, further incite these kids to risk their lives FOR NOTHING just for a few cheap column inches

Lessons will be learned from this tragic episode that has left so many killed but real progress can only be made when the likes of Tibi are completely and utterly sidelined and shunned and discarded from ANY political future within Israel or a future Palestinian State
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