Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Muslim self-racism: The ‘low expectations syndrome’
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 24.07.17, 23:36
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1. The problem is the opposite
Dan   (07.25.17)
To whatever extent Muslims feel inferior, they are justified: is there is a less rational, more benighted or harmful group of people on the planet? But the problem is the opposite: they believe they are utterly superior, are entitled to control everyone else, deserve not just respect but the most abject fealty and are immune to any criticism, to which they believe they are entitled to respond with the most vicious violence.
2. static, medieval creed
Cameron   (07.25.17)
Busily knocking it's head against an era of racing change.

Truly endless turmoil.
3. powerful column, exposing Muslim hypocrisy
Rafi ,   US   (07.25.17)
To them, Israel's very existence has been an irritant since 1948.

But now in particular Israel seems to be choking off access to their holy site. Like previous uprisings, Israel needs to main very strong but patient. Eventually the bees will go back into their net.
4. It is about the hatred of the Jews. That is the root of it
Harry Rifkin ,   Baltimore   (07.25.17)
That lets them off too easy. The world does what it does because the vast majority of the western world plus the Islamic world is virulently anti-Jewish. The Muslims at least admit that they hate the Jews and think we are descendants of apes and pigs. The Christians in Europe have not changed one iota since Hitler. Jewish blood is like water and Jewish people can be destroyed without punishment. They so hate us that they will be against us even if it hurts them. See, e.g., what they say about the Caves of the Patriarchs and Jerusalem, where the sights are also fundamental to Christian belief.
5. Mass psychosis
yosef ,   jerusalem-florida   (07.25.17)
Eighty some years ago a hither-to unimaginable psychosis took place
in Nazi Germany - Bottom line:
It is Us only - everybody else perish (in degrees).
21 century's mass Islamic psychosis is taking place now - bottom line:
It is Us only - everybody else perish (in degrees).
In both these Mega-events the Jewish nation was and is the principal player, and a small island of sanity in the present Caldera...
Arm-chair psychiatric discussions may be fun, but have Zero relevance or Influence on these, by now Apocalyptic Events...
FO ,   Belgium   (07.25.17)
I'm sorry to dissapoint you, dear Ben Dror, but a moderate Islam doesn't exist. The final goal of what you call moderates and e.g.Isis are exactly the same: ISLAMIZATION OF THE WORLD! Isis wants to reach this goal through the most brutal violence and terrorism, while what you call, Ben Dror, the moderate Muslims, they try to achieve the same goal by "gentle means". A little bit more "Veil", a little bit more"Halal" a little bit more Mosques, a little bit more separations between genders, a slow penetration in local political parties, especially the left once, etc... But don't be mistaken dear Ben Dror, the final goal of both of them, the so-called moderates and the extremists (e.g. Isis) remains exactly the same!
FO ,   Belgium   (07.25.17)
Perhaps does Ben-Dror Yemini consider world Islamization a moderate enterprise?
8. Islam is a supremasist imperial religion
C   (07.25.17)
islam demands submission and it achieves submission through what they
call jihad, or holy war.
islam let the local population stay in place only if it converted or paid
dhimmi taxes to the muslim rulers.
with the exception of a few centuries, the muslims have been backward.
the religious authorities forbade the free mingling with other peoples
or the study of the arts and sciencies.
while europe developed to the point of scientific revolutions, muslims
were still living in the seventh century.
this has nothing to do with intelligence, but with societal and cultural
there is not a single muslim country that is democratic. turkey is rushing
backward and its ruler is proud of his achievement.
the small minority of muslims who are aware of their predicament are
terrified to criticise their tyranical rulers.
like in all tyranical dictatorship, shame, guilt and remorse are absent.
to the contrary, these people use their mythmaking to blame
the other for a new disease called islamophobia.
the nazis called the jews vermin, and the muslims call the jews
descendants of apes and pigs.
9. At this point in time: who gives a flying f...??!!
10. not childish
b.a. freeman ,   denver   (07.28.17)
rather than childish, the attitude of pious muslims especially should be considered as hateful. islam is a 1400-year-old gang, and they whine because they're practicing the Big Lie. it worked for hitler, it worked for stalin, and it worked for mao; the average citizen of any civilized country (none of the 57 muslim-majority nations among them) is always fooled in the end because there is too much attention paid to those who shill for the liars and not enough to the truth.

israel has a pretty good chance of survival, since most of her citizens understand the danger presented by the evil criminal cult of islam (although there are still quite a few who have been deluded by it), but eurabia is lost, and most, if not all, english-speaking countries will soon follow. hopefully, other kufr nations will remain part of civilization and block the rising tide of evil, but i suspect that it is just as bad in those nations.
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