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Hezbollah and Syrian army advance in border offensive
Published: 24.07.17, 13:06
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1. Golan will be next
Avi L.   (07.26.17)
Golan will be next and we'll see how Bibi was made Putin's dupe.
2. admit it-bibi is a rank coward
ronnie   (07.26.17)
a smooth talking un representative, netanyahu hides his cowardice behind glib words. we can see his behaviour in the mashall case, the gaza war, the mavi marmora, bibi runs scared, he is a rank coward, without any doubt. he will concede almost all lands in the end. he is yellow to thebone.

even with the security guard, it was trumps warning that scared abdullah into action,not bibi's empty threats. most of the politians save a few are like bibi-absolute cowards.fight to the last man is foreign to them.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (07.27.17)
on this side such as yourself. Everyone knows how to talk tough without any actual experience. I'm sure you would be the best PM Israel ever would have had directly frorm your computer. Don't even bother to get up from the chair. Just punch away, and lead the nation. Thank you so much! I'm sure everyone will vote for you next time around.
4. Let's help those Sunnis until they start winning.
Brad   (08.01.17)
Then let's help whoever starts losing. You know, let's keep them even so they can keep killing each other. They're both Islamic so they might both run home to their mamas. Either way, Muslims killing Muslims is the problem destroying itself. As the Muslims say, "Satan Akbar".
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