Jordan's king asks Netanyahu to remove metal detectors from Temple Mount
Roi Kais, Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.07.17, 22:02
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1. Complete Chutzpa
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (07.24.17)
No apology?
Diplomatic immunity?
2. Be Transparent
Roy ,   ct sa   (07.24.17)
let the jordanians question the guard. Be transparent if there is nothing to hide....
3. International Laws
Mohammad Mbydeen ,   Amman - Jordan   (07.24.17)
Jordan is a legitimate state that does not violate "International Laws" by occupying other people land. As a "foreigner" who lives on the Jordanian soil should respect the country laws and respect the people. Moreover, you cant call a 17 years old, who is under the legal age a "Terrorist".
4. Let tillerson give him a ride
David ,   New york   (07.24.17)
They want to violate international law, let them do it with the American Secretary of State
5. two civilians are dead, they were legit in the building
epo   (07.24.17)
sure there has to be an investigation.

if mossad agent shoots jordanian agents it may be a yalla-thing, but two dead civilians are surely not.

in particular, because this jordan your neighbor you should agree to an investigation and questioning of the "security guard".
6. the story published is entirely made up...
epo   (07.24.17)
the security guard can have shot them and then injured himself with a screwdriver...

investigation is required.
7. appalling event
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba Israel   (07.24.17)
Jordanians better ask why the 17 year old did not listen to reason. Reason was telling him that many times in history soldiers have been stabbed with implements, it does not surprise soldiers anymore. It is an appaling event , that sadly cost him his life.
8. So....
shachalnur ,   amsterdam   (07.24.17)
the attacker,who did work there and decided to attack the guard with a screwdriver, and the guard knew eachother,and the other dead was a doctor who lived nextdoor.
The guard was wounded when he jumped away from the carpenter creeping up in his back,and shot the atacker and the doctor in selfdefense.
Sounds like a troubling narrative for the current geopolitical context.
If the truth is a bad as it sounds,you have to start asking yourself where all this "bad luck" for Bibi comes from.

9. " 17-years old terrorist "
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.24.17)
I looked at his face
I just see a kid
kid !
kids means childreen right ?
which you have.. which even they have...
means of tomorrows, right !

Did he do some karate chinise thing to some other kids ?
Look like he did someting only parents do when to lose its mind in hate.

okay israel ! catch him and kill him if you already didnt do it.
10. netanyahu is a strong man
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.24.17)
strong as israel
his people is behind him
so Torah and Talmud teachings.
and some say even Amerika is behind him with its Jesus the Prisoner
okay, I admit that even hitlers new germany supports his walk

netanyahu is strong man even must than lieberman
I saw two of them in a bar having alcohol and arm wrestling the other day

netanyahu dosnt hurt little ones as bloody olmert but only 17 years and over

11. I like to have a bar fight with your lieberman
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.24.17)
sorry for this stupid wish
I just only wish to beat an israeli leader
and only lieberman is qualified to have fight look like
the rest you need to run israel
trust me you wont miss him much

I will take its place
I will drink alcohol and will tell israeli nation funny bar fight jokes

I know its silly stupid talk I do. I only wish to beat an israeli leader in a bar
12. Call it what it is.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.24.17)
It's the good old Islamic tactic of hostage taking.

If they cannot get what they want by reasonable discussion and compromise,grab some people and use them as pawns.

13. for this piece you should be punished or have your journalis
epo   (07.24.17)
t cards withdrawn... some intl media watchdog has to read this..

this is so ugly and full of lies and false hints and unnamed smearers.

"initial investigation"...

awful, unprecedented.. al jazeera would never write anything like that.

14. Exactly
Avigor   (07.24.17)
This is why Netanyahu is still PM. He will pacify the Jordanians and bring the security guard home.
15. how easy israel kills ...even outside of its home
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.24.17)
pardon me !
did I say that !
shame on me,
of course Jordan or whereever is israel too,
to stand live
it has to be done

what if ! if I say stop,
would you lough on me ?

sorry for normal citizens BUT ISRAELI PEN ALREADY BROKEN
16. Atilla Karagözoğlu doesnt drink anymore
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.24.17)
he came back
he did bring some old and bad news.
waited to long my friends !!!
my brothers !!!
you used your chance
brotherhood impossible wit you

yes I am trying to fear you.
not to say stop.

I know that you wont stop. SO I AM.
17. my great amerika ...
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.24.17)
you stupid.
you deep stupid.
losing power each day, right
you will,
you will keep losing
amerika de great

take your israel to a space ship with you
and leave...leave.....

go somehere even no God there but we hurted normal citizen of world
18. Better to have metal detectors than back scatter x-ray mach
Rivkah   (07.25.17)
machines that emit the equivalent of 400 x-rays with each passby.
19. Abdullah,remove the thugs.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.24.17)
Before Abdullah asks for Jews to stop defending themselves he should see to it that the Waqf thugs are barred from the Temple Mount.Israel has allowed him the privilege of protecting the Temple Mount but not sovereignty.

He clearly isn't up to the job and should be sacked.Oversight of the Temqpke Mount should be the responsibility of Israel's Ministry of Religious Affairs not of a Jew-hating foreigner.

Netanyahu can take back what Dayan foolishly farmed out.

20. Jordan must not violate Vienna Convention
C   (07.24.17)
jordan must not violate vienna convention on diplomatic relations. the
convention regulates all diplomatic relations and allows
states to carry out their diplomatic missions.

the guard at the israeli embassy in jordan is a member of the staff
of the mission. as such, he is inviolable.
according to the vienna convention, the guard at the israeli embassy
is inviolable. "he shall not be liable to any form of arrest detention."
"the receiving state(in this case jordan)...shall take all appropriate steps
to prevent any attack on his person, freedom or dignity."

"the receiving state must, even in the case of armed conflict, grant facilitis in order to enable persons privileges and immunities leave at the earliest
possible moment.

israel cannot allow a receiving state, in this case jordan, to violate
the immunity of a member of its mission.
a national of jordan attacked the guard on the premises of the israeli
embassy. the israeli embassy, like all other embassies, is considered
by the convention as part of israeli soil.
it is incumbent upon jordan to allow the guard to leave jordan,
unhindered immediately.
21. the truth is finally revealed
C   (07.24.17)
king abdullah wants to preserve his throne.

22. Give up the rest of your defense Israel
Muz ,   Detroit   (07.24.17)
That's the idea! Great way to go! Take away all metal detectors so the terrorists can get in. It totally boggles the mind how Israel works sometimes and how they give in to the enemy. Jordan and hamas, hezbollah, etc must laugh you know. What Israel needs is to see hundreds and hundreds of civilians killed and then I wonder if they would wake up. I've got to say, this is totally crazy!
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