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Escaped ISIS prisoner asks Knesset to recognize murder of Yazidi people
Roy Kais
Published: 24.07.17, 16:34
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1. This is a just and righteous cause.
Koose E Mack ,   NY   (07.24.17)
Yazidis are, like Jews, victims of Islamo Fascist hate and terror. It is just that The Knesset recognize them as an ethnic group being singled out for Genocide by ISIS.
2. unless there's some unarticulated issue fully agree with #1
Rafi ,   US   (07.24.17)
3. Ironic isn't ti?
BUIDL BABY BUILD !!   (07.25.17)
An abused woman, not a Jew, asks Israel for help against monsters who seem to enjoy sadistic torture, rape, and blood flowing like water beginning with helpless women.....
And, she's a UN member....
(This is a rare case of a member with integrity and honor G-d help her and her people.)
4. Yazidi genocide must be recognised
C   (07.25.17)
these people have been severely persecuted for centuries by muslims.

the islamic state has murdered the men and young boys and taken
the women and young girls into sexual slavery.
girls as young as ten were repeatedly raped by their captores.

while obama was president, i had written dozens of posts on
various websites begging him to send at least food and light
arms to the yazidis trapped on sirte mountain.
he did nothing for them.
history will judge him very harshly for abandoning these totally
defenceless people.
many young girls died a horrible death from being raped.
5. Rika Chaval, FB, yes
C   (07.25.17)
not a single muslim country will help the yazidi. they are considered
devil worshipers.
6. Nadia Murad, please know
C   (07.25.17)
we the jewish people feel very strongly for your suffering.

torture, rape and murder of innocents is a crime against
humanity. may your tormentors be punished.
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