Jordanian police prevent Haredim from leaving Petra hotel
Itamar Eichner, Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 24.07.17, 21:28
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1. as usual these guys are on Cloud 9, clueless to the news.
Rafi ,   US   (07.25.17)
They should have long since evauated Jordan
2. Why isnt this reported on the elctronic media radio TV ???!
WeHaveNOSelfRespect ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.25.17)
Israel over and over and over again takes these slaps in the face
reneggs on security allows Arab Knesset politicians to spit
daily in their faces refuse to fly the national flag in their communities
refuses to take control of the eastern part of its capitol
of Jerusalem refuses to populate the most historic sacred part
'of Jerusalem with Jews how much do our "leaders" think
the average Israeli Jews can take of having his soul. Those
who claimed to be the leaders of "The Nationalist Camp" i.e Likud
are now shown to be just what they really were "Jews with
trembling knees" The Left has won no matter how prosperous
we grow no matter how strong our military might without the
"Ruah Gabit" the Spirit of a people we will fail. The Jews
of Israeli's spirit has been trampled upon worse than before
the State was created !
stepped on humiliated . Either you are a nation or your
not if you cant not only physically defend your people but
also their honor than there is no need for such a nation
3. Israel is a strong nation but missing is a" Proud Nation"
NationalPrideMissing ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.25.17)
You can only grind the soul of a nation into the dirt for so long before there
will be serious negative results and Israel or any nation is only as
strong as its self respect pride and especially its soul is strong
and most Israelis other than the Media are hurting
4. The Liberal Media in Israel is sitting on a volcano
CluelessInTelAviv ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.25.17)
These columnists and the Media Left Mafia in Tel Aviv are sitting
on a volcano clueless that the vast majority of Israelis are
voting more and more rightist becoming more and more
religious or traditional that the issue of the importance of the
Temple Mount is more and more important to huge
and growing demographics be they Orthodox Jews Traditional
Jews even large sections of the Haredi public and a new demographic
the nearly 300,000 Baalei Tshuva according to government
statistics a separate and growing community add to this
the birth rate among all those sectors and one more very
important fact Israel is now 60% Mizrachi Jewish who
will not hesitate to return violence Middle Eastern Style
as opposed to the disappearing Ashkenazi Secular
Elite. So the Media Elite sits now uncomfortably in the
espresso bars of Rothschild and Shenkin in the Cafes
of Haifa and Rehavia while all the time and all around
them the Jewish Soul Revolution is brewing a different
"espresso". Reminding one of the Elite Royalty just before
the French Revolution so "let them eat cake" the future
belongs to us the near future.
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