Security Cabinet to remove Temple Mount metal detectors and cameras
Itamar Eichner and Hassan Shalaan
Published: 25.07.17, 11:55
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1. Makes me nauseous with disgust at my own people!
2. I doubt we deserve to have our own country.Go back to Galut!
3. These are the people responsible for our future?! We've got
none, then.....
4. There's nothing frivolous about undermining public trust&
sense of national pride, hell: even decency. Either are these Cabinet-marionettes like headless chicken, thrashing about or they're gutless, unprofessional schmucks! You pick....
5. I've got news for all of you :- new advanced inspection
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.25.17)
detectors will not stop the "heightened tensions, rioting and clashes". Fanatic Islamic Muslims believe it is their right to enter (and exit) Al-Aksa freely with no Jewish disturbance nearby. It is their belief that we disturb their prayers.

What hypocrites - They pray then they riot and kill.
6. Jordans MOMENT of MADNESS
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.25.17)
Just how was it that Jordan allowed itself to be brought SO CLOSE to the edge?

Over what….installation of a few metal detectors to stop further atrocities near Al Quds by Israeli police?

But in Jordan anyone could see how the situation was developing FAST and in REAL TIME from unleashing an anti Israel rent a mob and chest beating theatrics in the Jordanian parliament baying for blood and retribution…to minute by minute you could track this from the chatter of social media turning into talk of a ‘Jordanian revolution’

You let a mob run riot that you think you are controlling and suddenly without warning like a pack of wolves they turn on you

Surely Israel, Jordan Egypt and the PA have enough skill and sense to realise that the only way to resolve problems and differences however fraught is out of the media glare and not be manipulated or influenced by the blood lusting screams of the mob
7. after the riots the right answer should have been........
tiki ,   belgium   (07.25.17)
Keeping the metal detectors in place.......and adding the smart inspection equipment!

The Israeli behavior today proves to the Muslims that rioting, killing & blackmail works.....and they are right.

There is a world for it: Dhimmitude!
Something Israel is accusing the Europeans of.
8. Concessions are the root cause of all Israel's problems
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.25.17)
Once again, Israel is retreating under pressure from our defeated mortal "Palestinian" foes, instead of asserting our rights. Once again, Israel is telling "Palestinians" that they can get their way by rioting and violence. Is it any wonder "Palestinians" are always rioting and attacking us? Israel allows it to work for them. Instead of severely punishing terror, Israel insanely rewards it in many ways.

This sad event exemplifies the mad concessions which are the root cause of almost all Israel's most serious problems. All the wars, terror and rockets we suffer from Lebanon and Gaza are directly caused by our retreats from those areas. Almost all the terror Israel suffers is caused directly by Israel's refusal to execute "Palestinian" terrorists. All the boycott, terror and torment we suffer at the hands of "Palestinians" is caused directly by the mad flow of Israeli food, money, protection, electricity, materials etc. which keeps the evil fiction of "Palestine" afloat.
9. before the history
safwat   (07.25.17)
it was alaksa it was the second house to warship god it was before judism but sure not before his owner
10. The writer of the article omitted to mention
Stan ,   Israel   (07.26.17)
That the STATUS QUO was changed because Jews began praying there despite the strict rabbinical order not to do so.
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