Netanyahu meets with Amman embassy guard
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.07.17, 13:07
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1. Immoral to ask Israeli Jews to live with Irrational politics
SoulDestroyingLeders ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.25.17)
For the last 50 years the Jewish Israeli Public has been asked
to fight to defend a country whose leaders act irrationally
allowing Fifth Column murderous inciters to sit in the Parliament
refusing to fully claim the historic and religious part of Jerusalem
neglecting the Galilee and the Negev in favor of the extreme
Secular population of Tel Aviv and coastal areas forcing
a Post Zionist Media on the suffering public and forcing them
to pay for it ! All this is soul destroying no wonder there are
a million Israelis living outside the country this is not normal
not healthy neither for body nor soul and no one wants to live in a country so unsure of itself so irrational that it endangers its children
Jews still quarreling over whether Israel even has a right to
exist as a Jewish Homeland estimated 5% of Israeli Jews
some 300,000 and many in key media positions this is a totally
abnormal irrational and unhealthy way for any human to live
Something better change and soon ! Two things may happen
if no change violent revolt by Jews or mass immigration
by Jews ( some 30,000 Israelis now live in Boston and mostly
from Sephardic Traditional backgrounds it is already happening
and many because they felt "insecure" )
2. to kill 17- years old teenager and LETS CELEBRATE NATIONALY
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.25.17)
I am so sad
am I blind that dont see what you see ?
am I bad person to not get happinies as you, nationally ?
what is wrong with you ?
I just never understand
never will

a PM represent a nation
and is this your nation you israelis ! YOU JEWISH PEOPLE ?

what a characterless and moralless sad photos
3. I wouldnt be happy if my son killed a boy no matter what
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.25.17)
this is the point that you missed nationally.
I mean !!!
we are talking about a killing
I know what is self defense, I am specialist about it
you are again not enough on something

fear ! israel is in fear nationally
anyone should be carefuul that anything can happen by fear

be carefull ! and teach your sons to not get panic and hurt kids

4. a PM represents a nation, not a mafia organization
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.25.17)
behind closed doors do what you want
but infront of world dont act as vampire
please remember
a boy killed
17 years old
he also has a father

everyone knows israel as vampire ! sorry for my direct talk
and your slow mind PM also shows it.

you can only make your kids coward with this way !!!
5. mr. netanyahu ! you can only raise coward boys
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.25.17)
I dont want to talk too deeply ( I remember mavi marmara )
isreali best soldiers were crying in fear !!!
lets not remember it today.
the message you give out is WEAKNESS
weakness at all
all the way

one thing is true that you represent true hard weapons
but operators are not same way !!!

I just see many coward boys in your future nation
6. what a fear !all nation becomes maniacs
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.25.17)
I dont mean disrespect to you all as nation
but I got to express my anger
I got to teach you for better
world is one and we are sharing it
today I teach you
tomorrow you correct my mistake

no matter we take each other as enemy
we should rise normal good boys for future

its okay they keep our fight to future BUT WITH HONESTY
7. israel become a sick nation ! in just 50,60 years ?
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   İstanbul   (07.25.17)
how can you walk to the future with this sickness ?
I am sure you will lough on my point
you will name me stupid that dont get.
I feel sorry for you.
I do.
and also I am so sad to see you this way

sick israeli nation means much bllod and tears
doesnt matter even from you or from others

how to teach you to be normal ? this I need to learn and to help you.
8. typical Netanyahu showboating to impress his own base...
Rafi ,   US   (07.25.17)
Unfortunately this high profile grand-standing over an ugly incident in Amman only pours gasoline on an already incendiary situation.

The entities ultimately required to cleanup the violence & mess from increased tension emerging from Netanyahu's gratuitous act will be none other than Israel's own security services...
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