Israeli blinded in terror attack urges UNSC to stop PA's terrorist stipends
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.07.17, 17:51
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1. It is ANATHEMA to most Palestinians
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.25.17)
When it is common knowledge the PA DONATES $100m per year as 'LIFELONG compensation' to families who have 'sacrificed' their own family to MURDER

It is grotesque and repulsive that some Palestinian families willingly 'sacrifice' their children to obtain a generous meal ticket for life. No wonder they crow for joy..and dish out sweets when one of their family has won them PA prize money

It warps and distorts all sense of morality, all sense of value in society and the MAJORITY of Palestinians who don't accept this logic - end up picking up the bill!

$100m per in tens years Palestinian Society will have paid out $1BILLION to criminal murderers and their hangers on...

So lets see...$100m each year on BLOOD MONEY, up to $2billion each year to prop up Hamas WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATION in Gaza....


The PA has to grasp this nettle and first STOP all future payments and put a five year time limit on outstanding claims and begin to gradually divert this money into a Palestinian Sovereign Fund for the benefit of future generations

2. THAT's how we plan to achieve victory over Islamo-Nazis?!
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