77% of Israelis see removal of metal detectors on Temple Mount as capitulation
Elior Levy, Yael Friedson
Published: 25.07.17, 21:53
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1. Viva la Palestine
Palestinian   (07.25.17)
It is the beginning to remove Zionists from Canaan/Palestine.
2. Muslim hatred of Jews and Israel will destroy them
Mark Jeffey Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (07.25.17)
Let me see if I understand this. Jews are murdered and the government of Israel wants to put in place electronic devices that will ensure that ALL worshippers of ALL religious faiths can practice their religion in safety and that causes the Muslim world to go crazy??? These hypocrites would have gone ballistic if it was Muslims who were killled and insisted that Israel provide better security. Jewish blood is not cheap, my Muslim friends. Your hatred of the Jews has not done you well. There are 1.8 billion of you and only 18 million Jews but when it comes to prizes and awards for science, technology, the arts and literature, and medical inventions that save lives, there are more people in my State of New Jersey that have more achievements than all of the Muslims in the world. So, go on hating the Jewish people and while you're at tell me one achievement or advancement in the past 100 years you have given to the world. If you put one half the energy you put into hating Jews into helping your fellow man you would not be a people dereft of any significant contributions to our world for the past century.
3. What did Netanyahu think?
tiki ,   belgium   (07.25.17)
Metal detectors gone and things would go back to normal when murder, riots & blackmail work?

The behavior of the government was the kind of Dhimmitude that even the Europeans (those that Israel loves to lecture) could learn something from.

Shameful performance that will not solve any future conflict, despite all the talk & promises.
4. Watch out for flatulence
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.25.17)
I do hope that all those Muslims with their backsides stuck out have not been eating baked beans.

5. 77% of Israelis see removal of metal detectors on Temple Mo
david balint ,   seattle   (07.25.17)
For a man who thinks he understood Palestinian mentality, Netanyahu has become a dangerous joke. All one needs to prove this is that his spineless capitulation has resulted in yet more demands. Yes, the US has an inept buffoon as a president. But Israelis tolerate even worse.
6. Viva idiot
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.26.17)
The Romans named the area after the long-gone Philistines. The Arabs were still in Arabia. Arab's voted themselves Palestinian in 1962. Idiot!
7. This process of self-demoralizing is ongoing and relentless!
8. The Jews are angry very very ANGRY watch out
JewsHaveHadEnough ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.26.17)
Pretty words are no longer enough
stop spitting on Jewish prided and safety if the Palestinians
if they want to experience another Intifada welcome they must
have forgotten how they almost committed suicide 200-2005
they need reminding it seems. Back to the Muqata in Ramalla ?
Maybe the new generations didn't experience it too bad
Overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews see this period in history as count down ( not the media of course who represent maybe 5% of the Israeli public and ALL "Israeli " Arabs Jews are demanding action and
self respect from their leaders and especially from the so called
military experts that brought us the exit horror from Gaza
9. Man, what happened?
Cameron   (07.26.17)
Ya folded up like a newspaper.

Bought yourselves an ocean of trouble by getting spooked like that.

10. Keep dreaming
Yoni   (07.26.17)
Palestine never existed, you should call them arabs not palestinians. Actually they are jordans or syrians and some of them egyptian, it's all propaganda. Keep dreaming...If they continue like this we will deport them all soon or later even from the West Bank, including the 20% of the Israeli arabs.
11. Are Israelis fed up enough to end concessions permanently?
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.26.17)
It is good to see the vast majority of Israelis are fed up with sick concessions to our murderous mortal "Palestinian" foes? That is the normal human response to the totally lunatic policy, of Israeli concessions, which is harming Israel beyond measure. The real question: Are Israelis fed up enough yet to enforce the permanent end of all concessions?
12. Time to replace Netanyahu - a spineless weakling
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (07.26.17)
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