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Trump: Hezbollah a threat to Lebanon and entire Middle East
Published: 25.07.17, 23:54
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1. Why is Hariri visiting Tr?Nasrala shud be making State visit
Alan ,   SA   (07.26.17)
Nasrallah is THE de facto boss of Lebanon. The Hesbalah are the real rulers of Lebanon. So what is Hariri dointg in the White House?
2. Obama gave Hizbolla a free pass so as not to anger his ally
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.26.17)
Iran. The entire ME is up in flames cause of the policies and actions (or lack thereof) of the previous administration
Now Trump has to clean up the mess
3. Tell the truth about this coutnry!
Rephael ,   Toronto   (07.26.17)
You are trying to present Lebanon as a wonderful country. This country created more problems than many. It allows terrorists to mushroom and grow inside it. The Christian are not real too. Although they hate the Muslims, they cooperate with them against Israel. It is a big question whether Lebanon has the right to exist as a sovereign county anymore. I has no reason not to have relations with Israel, but it is the same as Iran and Issbala.
4. Donald, Putin's puppet
Avi L.   (07.26.17)
That Putin owns Donald shouldn't be a surprise anymore.

Those (Bibi blue hairdo) who stacked all Israel's fiches on Donald and Putin are left high and dry. We actually all are thanks to Bibi's believing in Santa Claus.

No embassy in Jerusalem, empty words about the party of allah and free rein to the shias in Syria.

The ceasefire consists in protecting shias troops on Golan's border, Iran and its minions will have a protected (by A400?) access to south Syria.

Now after gloating over empty Donald/Putin's verbiage Bibi is left with Iran in the Golan.

IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (07.27.17)
long time ago. It is an area that deos nto really have a unified governement, and it is ruled by different crazies in different areas. Hariri is a dad man walking now.
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