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ADL condemns anti-Semitic sermons by two California imams
Published: 26.07.17, 22:20
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FO ,   Belgium   (07.26.17)
The same happens in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people. Right? And how do the Israeli authorities react??? GUESS!!!
2. Ya mean ADL is actually protesting
Jackieboy   (07.27.17)
Something that actually has something to do with Jews, or is he only worried that this will adversely affect Muslims.
3. Rabbi
robert ,   pueblo   (07.27.17)
The ADL condems a call for Jewish Genocide........How wonderful. The ADL is a week-kneed, Progressive left-wing organization with absolutely no traction among American Jews who are in the fly-over. The ADL is as much of the problem as the twerpy Imam who needs to be ....well lets just leave it to your imagination.
4. ADL should protest itself as it causes most Anti Semitism
WatchNOTgetPosted ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.28.17)
The ADL has turned at least half of America against us choosing
almost entirely to blame the conservative side of politics when
everyone knows most anti Semitic violence comes from the
Left African Americans Hispanic Americans the campus elite
Self Hating Left Wing Anarchist Jewish groups including
almost ALL GAY AND LESBIAN hard cord leaders .Racist
Jew Hate was and still is rampant among Gays but less
pin it on White Anglo Saxon American Christians about the
last supporters Israel has there , what a bubble the ADL
live in , anyone with close links will reveal they are
among the most extreme Leftists themselves and really
just one more Jewish branch of the Democratic Party
Jews are tired of you get off our backs find a job!
Were watching to see if this ever gets posted .
5. the "imam's" should be arrested for incitement & DEPORTED
Rafi ,   US   (07.28.17)
How are they any different than the terrorist scum that perpetrated 9/11 ?

They migrated to the US from Egypt... and next thing you know is they are openly advocating the murder of US citizens, in this case Amer Jews.

The FBI and other authorities need to be on these scumbags big time.
6. ADL mostly protests against pro-Israel conservatives
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.28.17)
When ADL protests, it is usually against pro-Israel conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Glen Beck and other "alt rightists".

At least this time the ADL is protesting against Jews haters. However, the ADL is basically a Democrat Party front group and both Jews and Israel would be much better off without it.
7. Both these terrorist inciters should be arrested, DEPORTED.
Rafi ,   US   (07.28.17)
They are no different than the 9/11 scum. FBI should investigate accordingly.

They migrate to the US from Egypt, etc... next thing you know, they're calling for murder of US citizens - in this case, Amer Jews?

Are you kidding? Put the spotlite on them. Is this who we are letting into the US?

Amer Jews need to stand up against this incitement. ADL did not go far enough !
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (07.31.17)
ILLITRATE audiences. Islam is a cult that knows how to reach out to the needy, violent and illitrate much quicker than any other religion. It tells you that If you are voilent, then use it in the name of God. It has no cure for the bad temper. The answer is; say one small sentence, and then you are ready to use your temper. It even justifies it by naming it "killing the infidel".
9. Really, that's against freedom of religious belief! It's not
their fault that Islam calls for world-domination, subjugation of others and slaughter of Jews. That's their own business, right..... progressives?!
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