Bereaved father on removal of metal detectors: 'don't like it, but support it'
Alexandra Lukash
Published: 26.07.17, 22:09
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1. Big mistake removing metal detectors.
Brad   (07.26.17)
If Muslims weren't trying to be violent all the time, they wouldn't care about metal detectors.
2. hapless bibi
geroge   (07.27.17)
surprisingly, bibi has little understanding of security.even though he was a commando, he doessn't strike me as the leader or even planner. he seems as naive as livni and herzog when it comes to mliitary matters.

in the latest, he tells the police to conduct detailed manual inspections of worshiippers at the temple mount unknowing that it is impossible to do it to such numbers.

he is hapless and hopeless. real leaders llke bennett, feiglin and barkat are excluded by the media. good luck israel.
3. Did he have any options?
tiki ,   belgium   (07.27.17)
4. He also said Jews should pray at only at the Kotel
DruseDontRespect ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.27.17)
With all due respect to the Druse father whose son and another
Druse soldier were shot, his son in the back, it is a known fact
most Druse don't respect the sanctity of the Temple Mount
as the most sacred site of the Jew , this same father last
week said the" Moslems should worship on the platform above
the Jews below at the Kotel" Two Druse soldiers I once
did guard duty there asked " What do you say we let them
have this place" which I answered " sure after we give them
your holy place the Tomb of Jethro Nabi Shweib in Gailee'
They grinned surprised and didn't know what to say.
They are a sect of Islam don't forget observe Ramadan
call God Allah and much more . The Jews guarding the
area should be religious Nationalist Camp soldiers. Another
important fact to remember about the Druse Faith one of their
main religious tenants is that you show allegiance to the strongest
and are allowed to change allegiances .
5. A Nation that disrespects its soul shouldnt exist
NoPrideNoNation ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.27.17)
"Better to be Wise than Right" hasn't worked here in 70 years
this tactic is seen as complete weakness not only by Arabs
but all the world.
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