Following Hamas demonstration, Abbas's party also calls for confrontations
Elior Levy and Roy Kais
Published: 26.07.17, 21:55
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1. "Create conflict with Israel", huh.
Brad   (07.26.17)
They've been doing that for 1400 years, remember? By the way, so much for the "peace process" that western politicians keep yammering about. Guess what? No peace with Muslims.
2. When is enough enough?
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.26.17)
I thought that the PA was supposed to be Israel's partner for peace.NOT an unelected tyranny promoting violence against the State of Israel and Jewish people.

It's a failed project and unredeemable.It's time to wind it up and arrest Abbas and his PA/Fatah/PLO cronies and bring them to account for their terrorist activities and swindling before there's a huge bloodbath.

3. Time to End All of This
WDC Observer ,   Washington, DC   (07.26.17)
This is crazy. We're watching this in DC and wondering when a technical nuke is dropped on Hamas, the PA and Jordan. It's clear they're not interested in peace and security.
4. Peace with Islam is impossible
C   (07.26.17)
islam teaches supremacy and submission.

the temple mount does not belong to muslims.
muslims never had sovereignty over the land of israel, over
jerusalem, over the temple mount.

the land of israel, jerusalem and the temple mount were jewish
already three thousand years ago.
5. Stupid Israeli Policy. Yes, Stupid!
dave ,   Montreal   (07.27.17)
For decades and years, Israeli policy has been appeasement with the Palestinians. Tried to please the world, even though it was not in Israel's best interest.

Hasn't worked.

Palestinians used it as a sign of weakness, and manipulated the events. They tricked the world with their (excellent) propaganda.

The ultimate was returning Gaza in the hopes of peace. Instead there were wars and terror. And the world press was influenced by the Palestinians claims of punishment and cast Israel as the oppressor.

Palestinians always avoid the events they trigger, and assume the defenseless position of being denied human rights.

Just like the Temple Mount. The press barely reports the initial events (the murders of the Israeli police), but repeats Palestinians propaganda. So the world is led to believe that Israel is harassing Muslims, instead of acting in self-defense.

Metal detectors are removed to appease the Palestinians. They want more. So they remove the security cameras. They still want more. They want the Temple Mount.

And it's NOT a sporting event. Stop allowing the press to dictate how many dead Israelis vs. Palestinians. Start explaining that Palestinians kill innocent civilians at home, as opposed to Israel trying to control a mob.

Israel used to be smart. The Palestinian propaganda machine is smarter. It's time the Israeli leadership realizes this, and acts to correct it.

Appeasement has not worked. Not with the Palestinians. Not with the World.

It's time for Israel to adapt both a hard 'line in the sand' as well as correct the deceitful Palestinian propaganda.

6. seems to me .....
steve s   (07.27.17)
Of course this is childish efforts to get Israel to react too strongly and be blamed for the disaster. Fatah doesn't care how many of their followers are killed, the more the better. Since this is civil incitement I hope the Israelis arrest the Fatah leadership and put them behind bars.
7. Take a close look at the picture of the Hamas soldiers...
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.27.17)
Brand new uniforms. Brand new thousand-dollar automatic weapons. Brand new helmets and boots.

Now how does a 'political organization' in a bankrupt backwater as Gaza afford such things?

You are seeing how donor funds are being spent. Not on hospitals and schools, not for power plants and water systems. This is how Hamas gives 'the finger' to all the EU donors who feel bad for the 'Palestinians.'

Well, I have news for Hamas and Abbas: make your little plans to cause some 'rage' and attack Israelis. Israel will take it and, when she's simply had enough, Gaza will receive a thrashing that it hasn't had in years.

Do the people of Gaza really want their houses and apartments turned into rubble? Have they forgotten what it's like to have no electricity? No running water? Do they really want to see their loved ones crushed under falling concrete?

Do the EU donors ever tire of throwing their money down the drain? How many times will the EU pay for rebuilding destroyed infrastructure? How many Europeans will tell their leaders to stop wasting their tax money supporting the likes of Hamas?

This is the time for the people of Gaza to stand up and tell Hamas, "Stop endangering us! Stop getting our families killed! Stop digging tunnels under our houses and schools! STOP!"

And if the people of Gaza won't tell Hamas to stop, then whatever may happen in the future when Hamas starts a fight it cannot win, will be solely on the shoulders of Hamas and nobody else.

Israel has every right to install protective gear all over the Temple Mount. If the Arabs didn't randomly go insane with this Jewish blood-lust, maybe it wouldn't be needed. But they do attack Jews all the time, so the security is needed. Netanyahu is misguided in removing the security measures.

If Allah cannot hear the prayers of the faithful after passing harmlessly through a metal detector, then Allah is either deaf or uncaring. Either way, the Arabs brought this upon themselves by their actions and must learn to live with it.

The next time an Israeli is killed in the Temple precincts, not only will all the security devices return, prayer-goers will most likely be praying in the nude.
8. In IDF we're taught to seek engagement, not to run&hide,
but for some reason our governments have taken Sun Tzu's lesson: "the supreme art of war is to win without fighting" to the "next level". In the process we, the simple people, get demoralized, time after time by our government's procedure of Big Talk/Big Action followed by big NOTHINGS...
9. Abbas wants to see an intifada spark over temple mount
zionist forever   (07.27.17)
If there is an intifada or even just riots he can come along and say to the world look this is started because of Israeli occupation of Jerusalem and having a security presence on TM work do something to save the poor palestinian people and stop this violence. Abbas is no Arafat he has learned to play smart politics and use the UN and other international organisation and governments to fight his battles for him. In the international political arena Israel is a very weak and the Pals have so much political support around the world so they are super powers so they just use their allies with their clout to take on Israel and get everything that terror never could. The arabs on the street are pawns in Abbas political plan.
10. New Political and Military Leadership needed and fast
IsraeljusLostItsSoul ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.27.17)
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