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British anti-Semitic incidents at record high, charity says
Published: 27.07.17, 14:45
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1. Just as many here in Israel Self Hating Anti Semites
NotJustThere ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.27.17)
2. One reason America's founders left this hell hole
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.27.17)
Anti semitism, bowing to popes and kings the few British protesters were also called 'Puritans' for they knew and revered the Holy Bible and took the ten commandments quite literally.
In so doing, they formed a more perfect union that endures today,
America the much admired Judeo- Christian ethos and laws that make up the greatest nations ever.
This great nation has those 'Puritan's to thank as well as the same God both Israel and America worship.
G-d bless and
G-d help America.
3. Not a shocker, is it?
4. The way to reduce Anti Semitism anywhere....
Koose E Mack ,   NY   (07.30.17)
Get rid of Islamo Fascists.....
5. Islamists are putting Jews pics and names in database
Avi L.   (07.30.17)
Islamists are alredy putting Jews pics and names in database, ask yourself why.
6. absolute rubbish
ky   (07.30.17)
Hardly any of the incidents have any gravity and most are just name calling or graffitti by mentally deranged people making gestures in the street. There has not been one organised attack on Jews in the UK from any source whatever The majority of the British Jews do not support the CST. The CST are simply a group that consists of people who are trying to make a name for themselves by trying to create a situation that is virtually non existent. In the rare occasion that an anti semitic incident is proven as such the CST the British legal system has dealt with it. If anything by their child like continually "crying wolf " they are simply making matters worse for the Jews in orthodox areas of London where their presence is visible, by goading those who have the inclination to insult Jewish people
7. What do you expect?
Brad   (08.01.17)
The British government is letting Muslim jihadis into their country faster than we are letting them into ours. Besides, the Muslims in Britian don't have an armed populace to worry about. The British citizens should spend what money they need to and break whatever laws get in their way, to arm themselves. Don't roll over for these 7th Century nightcrawlers, squash them.
8. Usual UK Jews writing that there's NIL AS. in sceptered isle
Alan ,   SA   (08.05.17)
9. Brits are just Germans with a sense of humor
TheyHateEveryone ,   Jerusalem   (08.05.17)
Some of the worst really nasty Anti Semitism I
And others have experienced in the U.K. and Scotland and usually from
The upper classes and from Gay Brits but
To be sure they hate themselves the
Biggest purveyors of it and anti Semitism
The British media especially the BBC
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