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The IDF in 2020: A ‘people’s army’ alongside a professional army
Alex Fishman
Published: 30.07.17, 23:19
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1. the IDF is going down a slippery slope
zionist forever   (08.02.17)
The IDF must not become a professional volunteer army because whilst it will save them money it will cost the country a fortune.
Many of the countries best and brightest learn skills in the IDF and afterwards put those skills to use in the civilian sector if the IDF becomes a professional army most people will never have access to these technologies.

I used to be friendly with somebody in Kfar Saba her brother and his friend using skills they learned in the IDF developed the Kinect thats used with the X Box and they sold it to Microsoft and became very rich.
Without the IDF these people wouldn't have understood the technology so never invented it.

Also conventional wars are not a thing of the past, what happens if there is a war, the IDF owns 1000 tanks but they only have 500 soldiers capable of driving the tanks.
Unmanned and scaled down is not the solution to everything.
2. Shouldn't Jews be armed now?
BBB   (08.02.17)
It seems so few Jews are armed and so many pals are armed and dangerous.
oleg ,   florida   (03.23.19)
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