113 reportedly injured as thousands return to pray at Temple Mount
Hassan Shaalan, Yael Friedson & AFP
Published: 27.07.17, 20:07
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1. How shamed the soldiers pictured must have felt
TheDayWeLostOurSouls ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.27.17)
A nation that sells its pride and its soul has lost its moral right
to exist and that's what just happened , the Jews of Israel
hang their heads in shame Tisha B"av came early this year
2. So Does this mean no 2017 securty norms?
DOV ,   USA   (07.27.17)
3. Stampeding horses - told you'all - they're animals.
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.27.17)
4. Rioting is a Muslim specialty
C   (07.27.17)
muslims do not need any cause to riot.
muslims lack even the slightest bit of civilisation.
muslims violate all international treaties.
muslims are sliding backward, to the seventh century.
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