Jordan king criticizes Israel's 'provocative' action
Ynetnews and Associated Press
Published: 27.07.17, 20:03
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1. thoughts
Michael   (07.27.17)
The King of Jordan should look inward.
How does a country allow its guests to be attacked?
Yes Jews are allowed to defend themselves and if Jordan considers that its illegal for jews to defend themselves sorry to disappoint.
By the way , if Jordan continues to escalate an issue that their citizens
provoked .Than will should send back the Jordanian ambassador to Jordan.
2. The king of Palestian
oleg ,   Florida USA   (07.27.17)
Its time for Israel to fuck Jordan once and for all. We have no peace with them. It is an enemy state. This miserable state always puts fuel to the fire.They are our enemies. Why did the IDF gave them 16 retired Cobras? Bibi stop kissing their filthy asses. BE SMART ISRAEL.
3. King is afraid of his own shadow
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.27.17)
The King of the Palestinians in Jordan knows damn well if it wasn't for Israel - he would have been deposed a long time ago. What a hypocrite.
4. Abdullah is imitating Erdogan
C   (07.27.17)
it is time for abdullah to keep quiet and let the situation calm down.

the foolish jordanian teenager thought that he could stab an
israeli guard within the israeli embassy compound in jordan.
his foolishness and ignorance cost him his life.
now the king continues the foolishness.
5. so it is
private citizen ,   LEHIGH ACRES FLORIDA   (07.28.17)
6. Why you hate Israel so much?
Oleg ,   Florida USA   (07.28.17)
Where Israel done you wrong. Israel would survive regardless of American or European support. Israel has the best technology, best military in the world,, a nuclear superpower, best water technology I would rather have water than oil. Best medical in the world. And the only real democracy. Which Arab state has democracy? All you muslim and arab states can only dream to became Israel O= I forgot Israel is one of five countries to go into space. You are a nothing.
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