Temple Mount crisis proves violence pays
Brigadier-General (Res.) Amir Avivi
Published: 28.07.17, 09:40
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1. This MoslemBrotherhood sponsored with aim to spread ALLOVER
Alan ,   SA   (07.28.17)
the Middle East revolution ie a new Arab Spring
2. What NO EMAIL comments ?! There must be
FaceBookJunkie? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.28.17)
3. Good article. Perception of a strong, decisive Israel
Rafi ,   US   (07.28.17)
... standing down rioting Palestinians actually benefits Hashemites in Jordan and other moderate regimes in the Arab world facing threats from radicals.

Conversely, images of a weak, indecisive Israel whets their blood appetite against the moderates as well as against Israel.

Israel yielding to violence buys no real benefit to Jordan.
4. More bitter fruits of Israeli concessions to "Palestinians"
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.28.17)
The latest "Palestinian" riots are a totally predictable response of our foes to more mad Israeli concessions. Israel will continue to reap these bitter fruits till we end all lunatic concessions to "Palestinians" and reverse the ones we've made.
5. Indeed!
Cameron   (07.28.17)
A clear win to the rabble going shit crazy on the street.
6. Of course it pays, big time. Israeli politicians of all kind
talk about "Palestinians" as if such chimera ever existed. Why? Because Arab Islamo-Nazis have pounded this into our collective brains by slaughtering Jews with full impunity! And the "world" is financing it....
7. It proves another few things......
tiki ,   belgium   (07.28.17)
It proves that, by giving in to those who pushed her, Israel proved (not the first time) to be a willing pushover.....only wetting the appetite for more.

It proves that to Israel the 'right for Muslims to pray on the Temple mount is of more importance than securing Israeli lives.

It proves that Israel fails to take care of the birthplace of their ancient fathers given back to them after Jordanian occupation.

It proves that the Jews haven't learned anything and the centuries old ghetto mentality still prevails.
8. security measures taken quietly
Robert ,   antwerp   (07.28.17)
What is done is done! How about taking new security steps or similar ones but without announcing them to the press? Every announcement is a pretext for the palestinians to attack Israel.Just act !
9. Round 5
Michael ,   London   (07.30.17)
Every time the troubles kick off with the Muslims regarding the Temple Mount some commentator decides that the problem lies with the other side. However while Israel employs heavy handed tactics without assessing the outcome the Palestinians are using civil disobedience to achieve their goal.When will the Israeli government learn the limitations of power and the use of power politics instead trying to resolve matters involving all parties who have an interest. This is the lesson Israel can learn from Europe.
10. wanna be shaman...
garry pollack ,   iquitos, פרו ורבו   (07.30.17)
Sun Su's rule #1...know ure enemy.,.They know us & we know them just as well. Jews R a very rational & pragmatic people...Time to think outside of the box! Be unpredictable...Maybe even crazy!
11. temple mount concesions
sas ,   ashdod israel   (07.30.17)
o Israel put your foot down I as a zionest israli has to go through metal dectories when I go to the kotel ido not see why a arab can not do the same when he or she want to go to the temple mount so please shut the mount to all for ever onc e done no more dectories allis quiet let the arabs pray on the streets
12. Like I said before,
Brad   (08.01.17)
The metal detectors were not the problem, and removing them wouldn't make anything better. Removing the Muslims would make everything better but that would take common sense and guts. So, the metal detectors are gone and the Muslims remain violent.
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