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Russia hits back over sanctions, orders US diplomats to leave
Published: 28.07.17, 13:15
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1. Because of pogrammes in Central California against Jews that
Rivkah   (07.28.17)
have been so many attacks on me personally, I have asked haShem to remove me from this Earth so that the evil government of the USA that condones attacks on Messianic Jews with government and police perjuries will be judged by war with Russia. HaShem has held back WWIII since 1994 because of the covenant by sacrifice that I have with Him. When I am gone, that will no longer be a protection from WWIII. 2/3 of the people on earth will perish in WWIII and its aftermath of famine and disease and mayhem. Let it happen. I wish to be with haShem and away from this evil world. No one cares about what has happened to me other than my husband who lost his job because he protected me and the wolves went after him, too. So I don't care what happens to this evil nation. Burning it with fire in WWIII is the only answer to such corruption. To put sanctions on Russia after the USA and NATO put in missile defenses in nations bordering Russia which President Reagan promised the USA and NATO would not do if Russia allowed freedoms to Eastern European nations and took down the Berlin wall and re-unified Germany, is evil. Russia rightly has expelled US diplomats. I am ashamed to be an American after all the evil I have suffered here for belonging to haShem. I spit on the people who have misused authority against me for many decades and I want them and their descendants to get what haShem has in store for them eternally.
2. mr
steve gure ,   coconut creek fl 330   (07.28.17)
It is unfortunate that Trump can not control his own party. Russia can not be blamed for the constant threats and accusations without any proof.
3. Scriptures warns that if there is peace in Jerusalem there
Rivkah   (07.28.17)
will be peace in the world. The people disrupting peace in Jerusalem must be banned from the entire city.
4. Donald will veto and will side against the USA
Avi L.   (07.28.17)
Putin is in a win win situation, whatever happens it will weakens the US and the West.

Donald gets he upper hand and he will do his master dirty work, we still haven't seen anything yet.

Donald looses and get in jail and Putin will have succeded in causing an apocalyptic mess in the US, NATO, West and will have destroyed any confidence among allies and neutral entities.

Let's remember that Donald just gave the green light to the Iran/shia/(USSR) military to install itself in the Golan.

Let's not forget that our dear leader Bibi blue hued hairdo was leaping of joy whenever Donald or the KGB colonel winked at him. He was looking like that revengeful child who just happened to discover that Santa really existed, with that look of "I told you".
5. Diplomatic tit for tat
BBB   (07.28.17)
Russia has taken over the news like a swarm of locusts.
I doubt they've earned that much attention to sideline more important matters. I'd love to see what Hillary destroyed on her missing 33,000 emails. And, I'd love to see her behind bars for life.
6. 'If you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr.'
'If you like your insurance plan you can keep your insurance plan.' If you liked the Manchurian candidate oops, omullah can't run his anointed one, Cow Clinton lost.
Do not be surprised that the russians have retaliated .
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.01.17)
Come on! U.S interfers in every country on teh planet by the name of democracy. It can't complain if others do ot see it that way.
9. no loss
pc and company ,   LEHIGH ACRES FLORIDA   (08.01.17)
there is hope north korea has been working with the intercontinantal missile and has been looking at california
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