Palestinian youth killed in clashes, as riots rage on
Elior Levy and Yoav Zitun
Published: 28.07.17, 18:19
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1. Mass insanity. Rioting over security for all.
DOV ,   USA   (07.28.17)
2. Clowns.
Alex ,   Tel Aviv   (07.28.17)
3. Place+timing of 2 police murders proves this was meant to
Alan ,   SA   (07.28.17)
fire up an Arab Spring in other Arab Countries as well as Intifada type scenario in Israel'
Unfortunately the Israel Government and Bibi fell for this trick by reacting just as the puppetmasters in Northern Israel planned.
Very clever plot!
4. Palestinian youth killed in classhes, as riots rage on
Avraham ,   Rio de Janeiro   (07.28.17)
Better if they stay at home!!!!
5. why did you go to the central gaza strip...?????????????????
epo   (07.28.17)
6. The peace in the world is at stake since Scriptures says
Rivkah   (07.28.17)
when there is peace in Yerushalayim there will be peace in the world. All who are disrupting the peace in Yerushalayim must be banned from the city and not allowed back, not just the Temple Mount.
Robert ,   Israel   (07.28.17)
Ynet wrote that the 16 year old who was killed, was mentally unstable.
I wonder if all palestinian rioters are not also mentally unstable; riot usables to be discarded at any confrontation..
8. Mr
harold bagnall ,   stevenson   (07.28.17)
When the "rock throwers" assemble and start their riots, shoot the lot of them with real bullets. The Arab world will go crazy (not a long trip for them) but after several confrontations, with a lot of dead stone throwers, the "riots" will cease !
9. my prayers are for the Palestinians and the Israelis
erin ,   usa   (07.28.17)
that they might be able to rest from rioting and injury all the days of this weekend.
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