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Hitler exhibition in Berlin bunker asks: How could it happen?
Published: 29.07.17, 20:51
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1. Nazi propaganda
C   (07.30.17)
the germans slaughtered six million jews, of whom one and a half
million were children.
in what way were these jews, unarmed, defenceless, responsible
for the versaille treaty?!
no. the ones who had perpetrated the holocaust were psychopaths.
they had no conscience at all.
they wanted power, land, and a thousand year reich.

none of those who were tried at nuremberg admitted
any guilt for the crimes that they had committed:
crimes against peace; wars of aggression; war crimes;
crimes against humanity.
people like rudolph hess stated that they still supported
hitler and his policies.
2. Sheila Ramon, FB
C   (07.30.17)
comparing trump to hitler is totally outrageous and a-historical.

trump has not murdered anyone.
he has not advocated the annihilation of minorities.
trump has not advocated the creation of a dictatorship based
on a personality cult.
trump has not done anything illegal.
he follows the rulings of the us supreme court.
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