Opinion  Smadar Perry
Jordanians waiting for Netanyahu to apologize
Smadar Perry
Published: 30.07.17, 22:28
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1. and OF COURSE, he will
david ,   hadera   (07.31.17)
2. Clowns.
Alex ,   Tel Aviv   (07.31.17)
3. Will he do it? On all four!!!
4. Did Jordan apologize to Israeli Druze when terrorists shot
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.31.17)
and killed two policeman (Druze) on the grounds of Al-Aksa Mosque - supposedly watched over by Jordanian Royalty ?
5. waiting for an appology
tiki ,   belgium   (07.30.17)
This is called a chutzpah pur sang.

This backstabbing country with King Abdulah, it's double talking hypocrite at the helm, who is leading every anti Israel resolution in the UN wants an apology from Israel for a terrorists being killed?

These people really are missing a screw or two in their brains..
6. Jordan should stop inciting against Israel
C   (07.30.17)
7. not to worry bibi will apologize
jeb   (07.30.17)
no problem bibi will apologize. he did so to erdogan, he released yassin, he raced to a ceasefire before even haniyeh earning a rebuke from shapira, he seems to have no idea of how to attack as he sits dumbfounded.

only next to olmert does he equal in his cowardice. why the idf did not throw him out of action, I do not knoiw. he seems to have no idea about security.
8. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (07.31.17)
if Israel PM says he is sorry then it can be considered an admission of guilt of the guard who was stabbed. then Jordan would ask for compensation and perhaps a trial. these people are living in fantasyland.
9. just another anxious right wing idiot went mad and killed 2
epo ,   ..this means..   (07.31.17)
why was the landlord shot when he fell down with the 17y old ?

so, your idiot shot a 2nd time when they were on the floor, hit the doctor.
then he shot a 3rd time and the 17y old in the chest agian.

geez... go figure and lock this idiot up.
10. the article says, they were both killed while on the floor.
epo   (07.31.17)
by then, the 17y old was already shot in the chest, and probably dieing already.

the other was unarmed, lieing on the floor.

do you really want to harm the little bit of relations you have with your neighbor because of this bozo ?
11. Let's have an apology from King Abdullah
Jake   (08.01.17)
...for the release of the Jordanian soldier-terrorist Ahmed Daqamseh who murdered 7 Israeli schoolgirls, released after only 20 years to a "hero's welcome", still gloating about his heinous crimes.
12. solid article on a tragic event. Smadar's correct.
Rafi ,   US   (08.01.17)
13. Tell me!In these times of internet/skype type of communicat-
Alan ,   SA   (08.01.17)
ions , what purpose does an Ambassador serve?In Middle East its only a security risk.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.02.17)
Unles the landlord knew and helped the attacker. Then that is a different story.
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