Military court rejects both appeals in Azaria case
Ynet reporters
Published: 30.07.17, 15:46
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1. jail time!
and after that send this dual national to France to stand trial for crimes against humanity!
2. solid decision, fully appropriate.
Rafi ,   US   (07.30.17)
3. I hope Arab League is watching
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.30.17)
This is real,unbiased,fair justice,a confusing concept to arbitrary Arab League tyrants.

Until they can match it they can keep their arrogant lecturing of others to themselves.

4. Killer!
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemish   (07.30.17)
Absolutely no reason for a pardon, he is a cold blooded killer, 18 months is far too lenient
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