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Jews prepare for Tisha B’Av fast
Elisha Ben Kimon and Eitan Glickman
Published: 31.07.17, 14:16
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1. 'Nuff of this moaning; time to unveil the blueprints for New
2. Dear Hashem.....
FROIKELE ,   ny us   (07.31.17)
May it be your will, Holy King and Father, that Tisha B'av be a Yom Tov bimhera beyamenu. May it be a day that Hallel is recited; a day of feasting, not fasting, and a day of great joy and celebration. May evil be replaced with good..and may your holy Temple be rebuilt at the sight of where demons now worship. May all the enemies of Your People, Am Yisrael, perish and may their memories be forever erased. Kayn Yehi Ratzon.
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