Opinion  Alex Fishman
Decades-long Jerusalem activity going down the drain
Alex Fishman
Published: 02.08.17, 23:40
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1. "Going down drain"bcoz Wakf want it to go down the drain
Alan ,   SA   (08.03.17)
2. The Waqf along with likes of Fishman can seek "dialogue" in
Amman or ....Mecca. This idiocy & self-degradation on the part of Israel has to stop NOW!
3. As long as Muslims feel they can hoodwink the enemy they'll
"cooperate" even with the sons of pigs: the Yahud!
As soon as they jig is up: no more Mr. Nice Guy....
Still too much much to process fro the likes
of Fishman &the Undead left!
4. good, thoughtful analysis
Rafi ,   US   (08.03.17)
5. We do not have to wonder that much...
Albert Tzweinstein ,   Sao Paulo   (08.03.17)
all we have to do is to read certain versicles of the Quran, the Ahadith to understand what's behind all this brouhaha by the muslims, be it from the PLO, the Waqf, Turkey, Iran and many others.

As many of us usually say... kemoh shkatuv baTorah, in cases related to the hate and disdain of muslims towards the remainder of the world, and towards us Jews in particular, it is... kemoh shekatuv beQuran, beAhadith and many other of their books.
6. Appeasement never works!
tiki ,   belgium   (08.03.17)
Israel has become the mouse that roars!
7. Israel needs to defeat foes. Not dialogue with them
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.03.17)
Thankfully, the WW II Allies were not led by the likes of Fishman. If they were, they would have sought dialogue with the Nazis, instead of defeating them resoundingly. Israel needs to defeat her murderous "Palestinian" foes, and treat them as such. Not dialogue with them.
8. End Muslim occupation of Zion NOW!
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