Them's fightin' words: Jordanian MP challenges MK Oren Hazan to fight
Ynet reporters
Published: 02.08.17, 14:12
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1. Slowly but surely a resettlement of the Arabs to Jordan
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (08.02.17)
seems the only viable option.
2. You couldnt get more infantile and puerile
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.02.17)
Like some sort of school playground dust up

And THEY are supposed to represent their constituents in parliament?

Give them a lollipop or better still a baby pacifier each and perhaps they will quieten down

Coo chi coo chi coo....
3. Jordanians - just don't get it
chaim Yankel ,   Vancouver   (08.02.17)
Jordan sucks at the teat of western society for its very existence and survival. Without this teat their society would quickly devolve into chaos and poverty becoming a Yemen success story. Jordan MP Yahya al-Saud colleagues need to enlighten him in a hurry as to where his water, defense, and money comes from. Someone in the Jordanian government should tell him not to bite the hand that feeds him. He should also remember that Presiden Trump is shallow, thin skinned, and if he insults him, the hand out money faucet might be shut. Bluster by this fool will not cover the bill.
4. darn! Now Hazan decides to listen to the PM?!
alexis ,   Israel   (08.02.17)
It would have been just the best to have these two meet...just so that Hazan would finally get his comeuppance!
Robert ,   Israel   (08.02.17)
Perhaps it is the only thing this jordanian MP can do right: FIGHT
6. Parliamentarians have it easy. Both of them are overweight.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.02.17)
No fighting until each can do 50 pushups.
7. Oaf power
Disillusioned   (08.02.17)
And there was I hoping that someone - anyone - would rearrange that sleazebag Hazan's excessive fake teeth, preferably sending them - and better still, him - into the Jordan River.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.03.17)
What good does it do to rant about politics back & forth like this? Trump has started a stupid trend & it looks like it is just getting worse and worse.
9. I have ....
steve s   (08.03.17)
I have a temper and sometimes snap and say things I shouldn't. I could never be a politician or have a career covered by the media. Neither should Hazan or Al-Saud.
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