Shaked: PM shouldn't resign based on charges alone
Moran Azulay, Alexandra Lukash
Published: 02.08.17, 16:47
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1. Israel must prepare for post "Palestinian" era
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.02.17)
Not only must Israel prepare for the post Abbas era, as MK Shaked advises. Israel must prepare for the post "Palestinian" era. An era in which Israel no longer supports evil fictional "Palestine" and it quickly collapses. As for Abbas, Israel needs to prepare a firing squad to execute him for mass murder, at Munich and elsewhere. Preferably an all female firing squad, since "Palestinians" believe they can't go to heaven if they are killed by a woman. Bury him on a pig farm.
2. that's not what she said about Olmert!
I suppose that's because now she's in a top ministry and she's afraid to lose her chair!
3. The Undead Left must be buried...alive if needed!
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