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Bezalel's new Arts and Design campus aims to inspire and connect
TPS/ Andrew Friedman
Published: 02.08.17, 19:29
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1. It brings extreme Leftist into heart of City expect conflict
SocialEngineeringJrs ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.03.17)
The hot bed of Anti Zionism anti Judaism is the Bezalel School
this is part of the mayor's social engineering of Jerusalem
Religious Jewish students are harassed Arab students violently
anti Israel all this is now coming to the heart of Jewish Jerusalem
The Mayor is hell bent on making Jerusalem a carbon copy of Tel Aviv
Students already make provocative demonstrations In Jerusalem
like the "Slut Walk" . If you want to cause stress and confrontation
this is the way to do it , if you want to offend the religious Jewish
world this is the way to do it. It is also only 2 streets away from
Meah Shearim and 500 feet from the Old City and the Christian
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