Sara Netanyahu interrogated by police corruption unit
Eli Senyor
Published: 02.08.17, 22:25
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1. This has to end in...the end of Undead Left!
2. Drucker& Co have decided to stage a coup d'etate. Don't let
them succeed!
3. Media use tactics of spreading weekly lies 2 brainwash
PublicSmarter ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.02.17)
The media uses the tactic of weekly spreading stories
of cigars and champagne small gifts that all politicians receive a deliberate tactic to brainwash the public while the same politicians of the Left
travel all expenses paid dozens of times a year at the expense
of "organizations" that invite them the best hotels best food
free flights what a bunch of hypocrites Stav Shapir one of the
worst is on one of those luxury free flights as we speak ,,
The Criminal Left and its Criminal enabler the Israeli Media
4. It's an old trick: If you can't attack the target, go after
Rivkah   (08.03.17)
his family. How about leaving the PM's family alone?
5. why is it that every time you disagree with someone...
Alba Nueva ,   Israel   (08.02.17)
the first thing you say about them is that they are a treacherous leftist?
Can't you do better than an argumentum ad hominem?
6. Drucker,dayan and others
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.17)
Thanks to a few upright investgative journalist our state is still functioning.otherwise our roman "augias" stables would have to be burned down.
7. "high-priced meals"
C   (08.03.17)
the left would prefer to give those meals to the imprisoned mass
murdering terrorists.
8. Helen Kaminsky, FB Ceausescu
C   (08.03.17)
do you have even the slightest idea what that woman ceausescu did?!
romania has not recovered from the rule of the ceausescu pair.
9. @ # 3
Philip ,   northern Israel   (08.03.17)
Give exact details or shut up.
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