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Surviving Salomon son recounts: ‘They killed everyone, my sister said, everyone’
Yifat Erlich
Published: 05.08.17, 23:46
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1. To be honest: I'm sick&tired of this reoccurring declaration
of "... we choose life" ...blah-blah!
These murders are unacceptable, avoidable and totally galling in a country
that prides itself with high level of morality, security and righteousness!
I don't care how many ice creams Bibi eats,
I don't care how many submarines he buys:
I want to know why people are being abandoned to Muslim blood thirst because if we act accordingly then...: "what will the Gentiles say?!"
2. phsyciatric evaluation
mike north ,   karmiel   (08.07.17)
The terrorist was unfortunately not killed-what should be done -to take the best vpsychiatrist in the country that deals with murderers and have him or her evaluate the murderer -what makes him come home from work- puts on clean shirt then decides to murder Jews whom he has never met-and stabs and stabs with such cruelty.
That would make interesting reading
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