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Congregation at oldest US synagogue reviewing legal options
Associated Press
Published: 03.08.17, 23:54
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1. A house of worship
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (08.07.17)
Is now a house of mammon?
It's not right no matter how you slice it.
2. Should be set for demolition
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (08.10.17)
How can this possibly be? Aron Lopez the notorious Jewish slave trader donated his ill gotten gains for the building of this edifice. In our present day this wouldn't be accepted, as it would be a criminal, a human rights violator, a terrorist donating monies for such as such. This landmark should be destroyed(taken down) as the confederates statues and flags of the south are being dealt with wherever they are found. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was a filthy evil of age that it seems has no end. Genesis 15:14 "And That Nation That They Serve I Will Punish".
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