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Abdullah-Abbas meeting to show Jordan, Palestinians 'speak with one voice'
Elior Levy, Roi Kais
Published: 05.08.17, 17:17
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1. Jordan is Palestine
Henry Tobias ,   Maale Adumim   (08.05.17)
What more proof do we need that Jordan is Palestine?
2. Abbas is still a murderer while Abdullah is duplicitious.
Martin ,   Huntingdon UK   (08.05.17)
They both hate Israel. The difference is that without Israel protecting Hussein the British Abdullah would have no country to rule. This Hashemite needsto tread carefully with his allies within the PLO/PA
3. Speaking in one voice.......
tiki ,   belgium   (08.05.17)
Because they are one!

Jordan is Palestine & Palestine is Jordan, although the King probably doesn't like to hear that.

What else binds them together?
They both 'lead their countries without anyone voted for them.
They both wouldn't survive a day without Israel's protection.
4. Abdullah-Abbas
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (08.05.17)
An Arab/Muslim religious lunatic stabs 2 Israeli embassy security staff and in self defence they kill it...and yet these self same Arabs decide that the security guard was at fault..the usual arse about face logic of the typical Arab.
5. The King of Palestine meets the President of Palestine.
Oliver ,   Givataym   (08.05.17)
An Arab story.
6. impossible peace
jess   (08.05.17)
osloists forever try- let us try again- we can hold hands, and take some blows.e eventually ishamel and mahmoud will westernize towards peace. check the last 100 years. check the last 3000 years.

zohar said he will sign a peace as soon as the last jew leaves tel aviv. there you have it. this is the answer to gabbay, bibi and herzog.

there is no peace so long as israel lives with the disloyal citizens and neigbours.

israel has tried the way of oslo, olmert, barak, even bibi.

it is time for new approaches-bennett, kedar, feiglin, barkat.

enough of the tired old refrains from haaretz and ynet.
7. One voice is fine, excellent even ...
leo ,   usa   (08.06.17)
... How, be a dear and speak it from one place - Jordan.
8. If we REALLY want our Land, we must finally claim it!
9. Have I been asleep for 50 years?
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (08.06.17)
It suddenly feels just like 1967 again.

10. two leaders .....
steve s   (08.06.17)
So the two leaders will meet and coordinate how to incite their people in childlike tantrums. Being constructive is beyond Arab morality and sensibility.
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