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Despite Trump claim, Hezbollah operation boosts Lebanon role
Associated Press
Published: 06.08.17, 11:55
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1. Deal maker deal maker make me a deal
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (08.07.17)
End all Middle Eastern aid to all nations but one.
Our only trusted ally,

Watch what happens like a miracle!
2. Yeah, hezbollah sure is proving Trump wrong. Haha.
Brad   (08.07.17)
By killing Al-Qaida terrorists. Yeah, that really ticks me off. Trump is dumb like a fox. Muslims killing Muslims is a beautiful thing.
3. US should beware of using proxies to fight its wars
C   (08.08.17)
none of the actors in syria can be considered allies of the us:
not iran, not russia, not syria, not lebanon, not hezbollah.

hezbollah is a terror proxy of shia iran. by now, thanks to obama,
it is a terror army.
4. What happened to the Maronite Christians of South Lebanon?
MadDad ,   J   (08.09.17)
Ethnically cleansed or murdered
Know who and what you are dealing with
Hizbolla is not the defender of Labanon - it is the virus that has taken over the body
5. If Bibi doesn't care why should Trump
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (08.09.17)
Bibi does nothing so it won't threaten his coalition and he gets to stay in power
The odd air-raid to keep up appearances - while the threat moves ever closer to Israels borders
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