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Netanyahu, it’s time for a leave of absence
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 06.08.17, 23:35
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1. not Olmert
David   (08.07.17)
None of the evidence materializing so far suggests that the Prime Minister actually has sought material personal benefit from any office he has held. All of the allegations in that direction fall apart upon scrutiny. He may be guilty of the facts as established in the newspaper affair, but those allegations do not involve monetary enrichment, but interference in the press. The other allegations do not appear to stand up to scrutiny, and are not the subject of the latest plea bargain agreement.

The comparisons to previous national political figures who were shown to be personally corruptible are unfair and unsupported.
2. dont be so cruel
arv   (08.07.17)
I am after the pm's well being. If he does step down the poor devil will be stranded with sarah 24/7. I don't want him to commit suicide
3. Like hell he will(or should) step down!
4. Oy to the lefties
Sholem ,   Dolev   (08.07.17)
It must be absolutely traumatic to be a leftist in Israel these days,
No matter how hard they try to bring the government down, the fail
No matter how much garbage (and garbuz) they throw at us, they fail
The left lives in a constant state of delusion, when they are voted against in national elections, they whine and make absurd claims about it being time to change the electorate!

There's an expression that says "All those people can't be wrong you know"

My friends, the Likud won the elections, if Bibi were to go, the likud would still win the next elections. If the left want a chance at leading the country (heaven forbid) it might do them well to actually offer the voters something , rather than just bashing Netanyahu and offering to lead the country on a suicidal mission to complete secularism, assimilation and self destruction.
5. the raptors are circling over
tiki ,   belgium   (08.07.17)
and waiting for the moment to attack.
6. Yemini should take permanent leave of absence
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.08.17)
Yemini should take a permanent leave of absence from the profession of journalism. A real journalist reports the news. He or she doesn't try to make it. The case against Bibi is totally fake, and almost all of Israel knows it. Leftists are trying to use a phony legal procedure to overturn the democratic will of Israelis. This must not be tolerated.
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