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Jerusalem wine festival to highlight 30 years of industry growth
Zachary Kerman/TPS
Published: 06.08.17, 18:53
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1. overpriced event with 3rd tier wines...
Jewess ,   Israel   (08.06.17)
This used to be my favorite late summer event. However, for the past 2-3 years they have persistently increased the entry fee, it is currently a steep NIS 95, while at the same time doing to really sad things:
a. overall they are serving 2nd and 3rd tier wines.
b. overall they are giving less than a "que-ziet" (talmudic measure = less than a olive's worth).
Additionally the event has been over run by people who have no idea what wine tasting is all about and so there are quite a few folks running around just drunk on wine!

Used to be a good isn't anymore...I am giving it a pass again this year.
2. 30 Years Of Production On Stolen Syrian Land
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.08.17)
No other country in the world could get away with stealing land. If not for the US veto in the United Nations Security Council there would be so many sanctions against Israel. Even Rothschild owned Israel will reap what it has sown someday.
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