MKs lock horns over Netanyahu corruption scandals
Ynet reporters
Published: 06.08.17, 20:41
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1. Undead Left is groping at straws, but they may yet sting in
their death-throes. Israelis must be careful and do not let ourselves be manipulated by this orchestrated coup d'etate!
2. what netanyahu should do....
tomer ,   jerusalem   (08.07.17)
these blurring and blabbering of various ministers and MK's is mind boggling.
in a democratic state based on law,ethics and torah an suspected PM ,even though he might be not guilty of nothing , should at least step aside,take a break until investigations are completed. This would speed up process and gives at least the impression of ethical behavivour. However i suspect in our
democratic state ethics are low,the law is unclear and the torah does not know what a PM is.
We had PM's the fell and/or resigned over credit cards and/or double invoices what will it be mr.netanyahu??
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