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Jordan River drying up amid finance impasse
Amir Ben David
Published: 07.08.17, 17:45
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1. That overrun is less than one fourth of a new F-35.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.07.17)
Or maybe take the 25 million shekels out of the salaries of Knesset members. They already make too much for what they do. (which is very close to nothing.)
2. Let's turn this river into Mississippi-like monster! We can
easily achieve it, we are all-powerful, we are the Chosen Ones!
Then, the Christians that hold it so dear in their hearts won't be so mightily disappointed when they come here and realize that it's more like a creek....
3. subscriber
J. Leon Kwalwasser ,   Santa Monica, CA.   (08.23.17)
It is time to slant drill and tap into the greatest source of water 2.5 kilometers from the northern border and bring it south. The least expensive and most efficacious solution. Problem solved!
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