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King Abdullah meets with PA President Abbas in Ramallah
Published: 07.08.17, 15:55
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1. If Trump ends funding of the PA and Jordan
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (08.07.17)
Would they both 'steal off into the night ?'

Watch the Taylor Force bill and how no democrats will endorse ending the $300 million annual 'gift' to the same PA who pays terrorists families to murder Jews or American visitors to Israel like West Point graduate, Taylor Force.

Our tax dollars to pay for murdering Jews and Americans?
2. 50 year old israeli attacked, israeli driver almost lynched
milson   (08.07.17)
same stories repeat themselves. israelis are scared of arab terror-arabs are on the streets with kafieya and rocks and burning tires. identifiable israeli haredi run to yeshiva with no gun on them and fear in the hearts. likewise drivers impeded by arab roadblocks seem to have no plan.

arabs give them credit are in better shape than israelis, swarm on the streets in an instant and go in for the kill.

israelis need a plan-its called a gun. start shooting if you are in danger and there should be more than one gun per car.

the religious leaders of israel do the country a grave dissserivce with their abshorrence of proper self defense of the haredi. moreover, religious garb should be worn in synagogue or yeshiva only, and not on the street. you are a bunch of whiny shmucks 100%.
3. Abdullah and Abbas. Monkeys in suits.
Braf   (08.07.17)
4. Netanyahu met today a with large Democratic Party Delegation
MediaDidntReport ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.07.17)
There has been no mention on Israeli TV or radio of the meeting
today between the prime minister and a large delegation
of Democratic Party Politicians this is criminal the Israel media
has not filled its mandate they should be sued for malpractice !
They were all sad faced today on Channel two because Netanyahu
wasn't charged looked like they were going to cry
5. I wonder ..... do they keep score?
steve s   (08.07.17)
I wonder if the two compare notes on inciting their people into terror tantrums, and who has more martyrs?
6. Two Jokers on Israeli soil and we let it happen?!!!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.08.17)
They can have lunch and dinner dates all the time. Israel really does not care a bit.
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