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Shuafat refugee camp: Between a rock and a hard place
Linda Gradstein/The Media Line
Published: 07.08.17, 22:43
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1. Shuafat who side on you on
Tova ,   Toronto   (08.07.17)
It seems that they are caught in their problem.
UNRWA is not doing much to help these people. Israeli workers are not safe going in to Shuafat and so the residence live in stench. Shuafat wants to be taken care of by everyone except being responsible for their own well being. Refugees are dlever the more they sufer they believe Israel will be blamed and yet they dont seem to care much for life. It;s a sad situation and Shuafat seems to prefer pity and the UNRWA are doing less good.
2. It's not a refugee camp, it's an Arab city.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.08.17)
They can blame everything on Israel as they are unable to accept any responsibility for their own future. They don't even want to keep their city clean for themselves! If they did, they'd welcome sanitation trucks and police. But their mentality, due to decades of indoctrination by Arafat and Abbas, keeps them believing they are 'refugees' and that they can have no future unless Abbas tells them what it will be.

Why is it that some Arabs do well in school, go to college, get advanced degrees, and get great jobs or start their own companies? They heard the same propaganda as everyone else, but they knew it was bullsh-t and ignored it. Ignore Abbas and the PA propaganda machines and get on with your lives! Abbas and his cronies have robbed the Arabs blind, but individually you can take control of your lives!

Ignore Abbas and the PA.
Stay in school and work hard.
Have pride in your neighborhood. clean the vacant lots, and let the sanitation workers do their job.

Abbas tells you you're a refugee. He's lying to you. Everyone who believes what he says makes him a little bit richer. Stop being taken for a fool. You live in your own city. It's up to you to make it work, nobody else.
3. Clear the site, relocate Muslims occupying it (in every
sense of the word) to where they came from, or want to go to.
End of this chapter in Israel's history.
Enough already.
4. "Human Rights"Organizations only want Israel's destruction
BlindRacistArabHate ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.08.17)
Right or wrong Israel if it wants to survive as a homeland for the
Jewish people persecuted and slaughtered for the last
two thousands years has to make some hard decisions
a Jewish majority homeland or going back to being a
persecuted minority and believe me that is what awaits it
in this world and if that means taking away citizenship and
attaching them to their Palestinian brothers and sisters
so be it and the greater good be served. One solution
would be to take Yasser Arafat's stolen billions now in
the hands of his lovely former Arab Christian Orthodox
wife now Moslem convert Suha who controls the billions.
Letting more Arab Palestinians into Israel is to court
disaster as they have for several generations been
totally brainwashed into Nazi Like Racist hate of the
Jew man woman or infant .
Let the so called "Human Rights Organizations" howl at
the moon they along with others only want Israel's destruction
to believe other is madness!
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