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12 years after Gaza disengagement, families still living in ‘caravillas’
Yehonatan Bnaya
Published: 10.08.17, 19:48
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1. Just like parting with money: even if you think you'll get
it back one day, it's much more preferable NOT to let it out of your wallet.
Leaving one's home under promises of "better days" to come, given by an Entity that thrives/breathes lies, namely GOVERNMENT(s) is naive, to say the least.
But poor folks: they had no real choice.
2. These families need to thank the Sharons for being alive
Rivkah   (08.13.17)
since the Prophet Zephaniah says that haShem is going to destroy Gaza and everyone there will die in the latter days of Gentile world rule which is now. If they want a house, they have to get a job and apply for a mortgage and slowly pay for one. Lots of people in the USA were paid ten cents on the dollar of value for businesses and homes in the Urban Renewal projects revitalizing downtowns across America. Some sued if they could find a lawyer who would help and others walked away and spared themselves ten years of hassle in the courts and all the dirty tricks that go with court cases against those who are wronged because having shalom peace and starting over somewhere else was preferable to perpetual anger and hatred and disappointed hopes. Sometimes one has to walk away and let haShem avenge if He thinks that is what should be done (vengeance belongs to haShem). But the value of their very lives seems to mean nothing to them which would have been lost if they stayed in Gaza which is an ancient Philistine city not an Israelite city. What my husband and I do is to have a trailer ready to move into if we lose the house from some government scheme or economic collapse or war or whatever. If we have to walk away, we will knowing haShem is a good Elohim who will bring good out of all the evil we have suffered. Life is a walk of afflictions. Happiness and prosperity are in haShem's kingdom not in this evil world.
3. If Kush Gatif people want a house, they have to buy one
like most people, slowing paying off a mortgage instead of waiting 12 years for a handout that is not coming.
4. Not so simple
I will be the first to say that the entire Expulsion (aka Disengagement) was a disaster, poorly managed, poorly planned and without any concern for the families who were dispossessed - and before anyone starts to attack me - I am one of the families who lost their home, their farm, their livelihood and everything else.

However, despite all of this - a good number of the families who still don't have homes got the compensation due them (which was nowhere near enough) and then spent it on cars, trips, and other luxuries or invested it in questionable schemes and lost their money - that is nobody's fault but their own.

Others did not own a house in the Gush and now expect someone to hand them a home on a silver platter.

Was the Expulsion fair? no! was it handled with any kind of care or compassion? no! Where we all put through the wringer of bloated ridiculous bureaucracy and paperwork? Yes! Did we get anything at all that is fair for what we had? No! But not everyone deserves everything they are demanding

And one more thing - calling those dilapidated cardboard boxes they gave us to live in "caravillas" only plays into the hands of those who think it was okay.
5. Israel's foes can only dream of harming Israel like this
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.16.17)
Israel's leaders manage to harm Israel in ways our foes can only dream of. Can you imagine the euphoria our foes would enjoy if they had driven Israel out of Gaza? They did not do so, but Israel's leaders did. This is pure insanity. No other state would even consider harming itself like this. Israel must become a healthy self respecting state.
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