Azaria greeted by supporters as he begins prison sentence
Ynet writers
Published: 09.08.17, 09:53
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1. Azaria's supporters are misguided...
Amalia Bye-Tita ,   Israel   (08.09.17)
they represent everything that is WRONG with Israel.
2. Another Jewish Scapegoat is incarcerated
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (08.09.17)
Arabs are free to run amok stabbing, shooting and ramming Jews with impunity while the "humanitarian" West cheers them on drooling at the prospect of Jewish blood flowing in the streets
The poor lad is a victim of backstabbing and politically correct Jews who have no idea of the dangers faced by military responders to "incapacitated"
who have the habit of jumping up to kill like we have seen on the Temple Mount
Shame on those Jews who force Israels legal system to bend to their politically correct masters
3. azaria
annie ,   jerusalem   (08.09.17)
I agree with Amalia .
4. Free Elor
Robby Feinstein   (08.09.17)
It was entirely reasonable to think that a terrorist wearing a heavy coat on a warm day was concealing a weapon. It is the leaders of B'Tselem that belong in prison, and not Elor. Those who wish to destroy Israel are thrilled that by this injustice.
5. solution
no one ,   no mans land   (08.09.17)
Set up a gofund, and everyone who supports him should contribute. The money should go for his education, or towards something he wants to do thereafter.

End of story. Wasting time whining like five year olds about the injustice, how the state should fall, leftist schtinkers (which they absolutely are), is wasting your time, and doing absolutely nothing for Azaria.

He most likely should not have shot the filth who came to murder indiscriminately without remorse, without care, and infused with severe hatred for Jews. But he did.

Put your money where your mouth is and support Azaria.
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