Opinion  Orly Azoulay
Washington and Jerusalem: Two leaders, one fate?
Orly Azoulay
Published: 09.08.17, 12:25
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1. Trump and Bibi are the best leaders in the world today.
Alan ,   SA   (08.09.17)
They are going nowhere .They will continue to lead US and Israel in a most difficult and dangerous world
2. Both of them are great leaders.
ATs ,   Melbourne   (08.09.17)
They are the strong people, resisting the vicious attacks from the extreme Leftists. The Leftists' ultimate goal is complete dehumanisation of the human society by means of destroying countries, nations, people's privacy, personal lives, even gender identities. There is quite a bit of evidence that the Leftists follow some social engineering theories created by mentally sick "philosophers".
3. you got it... two peas in a pod!
Rafi ,   US   (08.09.17)
4. With Trump it is evident from day one, with Netanyahu it's
been a slow, simmering process in the minds of Undead Leftists.
They cannot, nor will they ever admit to being sidelined
and committed to history's dustbin....
5. Totally dishonest assessment by equally dishonest Azoulay!
6. trump, netanyahu ....same prolems?
tomer ,   jerualem   (08.09.17)
the list is abit longer: trump,netanyahu,Zuma,maduro,duterte....and so on it goes.
I think politicians with a "U" in their name are more "vUlenarable" :)

7. Do they share a Public Relations team? or perhaps they share
the same right wing ,   donor(s)?   (08.09.17)
8. Trump & Bibi are victims of leftist pseudo legal smears
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.09.17)
Trump and Bibi do have one thing in common. They are both honest leaders who are being victimized by dishonest leftists. Both won legal elections honestly. In both cases, leftists are using pseudo legal smears to try to overturn elections they lost. Good people, in both states, needs to assure these despicable attacks are foiled.
9. Indeed: two like minded leaders facing like minded foes.
10. The end game..
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (08.11.17)
Trump and mr.netanyahu.
Potus ,the reality show man, bankrupcy specialist,grooping hero,brings the world close to a nuclear war.the other,a media specialist,eloquent talker and excellent demagogue frightening his own people every second day to cover up his numerous corruption affairs.both get money from the same people ,both smear the media,courts and law and order agencies. Both run their respective economies steadyly into trouble.and both are busy with themselves. Both will disappear shortly .
11. Chaim@8 drink water instead of poisoned Kool-Aid!
bubba ,   Israel   (08.12.17)
The poisoned Kool-Aid has clearly affected your intellectual faculties.
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