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From a Satmar anti-Zionist community to IDF Border Police
Kobi Nachshoni, Alexandra Lukash and Attila Somflavi
Published: 09.08.17, 18:23
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1. At least one more soul is redeemed...
b   (08.10.17)
It takes an extraodinary person to earn the deliverance...
2. IDF excitement
Robert McKenzie ,   Nathalie   (08.10.17)
Generally, adolescence hormones spur youths to " Join-Up " to get into the wars in every war, everywhere. America's domestic wars had many youths walking off-farms to fight in the biggest event in their lives, even girls were known to disguise themselves to enlist.
3. welcome pilgrim!
Rafi ,   US   (08.16.17)
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