Opinion  Nahum Barnea
The return to the Zion Square balcony
Nahum Barnea
Published: 10.08.17, 14:24
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1. Yes, the "people" had enough of Undead Left & it's lackeys
in the "press"....
2. Barnea's zeal for the truth is selective
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.11.17)
Barnea quietly omits to mention the media's actual role in the affair. If the police had quietly gathered evidence without releasing prejudicial information, Barnea would be correct. Instead, however, someone close to the investigation decided to leak carefully selective information, whose context is unclear, to the TV. This information has been repeated by the media day after day, in article after article, while Netanyahu is forbidden by the investigators to present his version of events "lest it impede the investigation." Thus the media are bombarding the public with accusations against a man who is forbidden to defend himself. On the other hand, the media also fail to comment that obviously there is still insufficient evidence to convict him or otherwise the investigation would not be dragging on and on for month after month. Nor have the media demanded punishment for those who leaked the tendentious information in the first place. Thus the media have connived in the creation of immense public pressure upon the attorney general to agree to an indictment even if he does not believe that the indictment will stand up in court. Including demonstrations outside the attorney general's house, an intolerable violation of the rule of law that worries Barnea not at all. In short, most of the media have fallen gravely short of their responsibilities.
FO ,   Belgium   (08.11.17)
Cease, Barnea, to present Y. Rabin for what he wasn't . Rabin was against "Oslo" but was pushed in his back by S. Peres to do exactly the contrary in what he believed. You want me to prove of it, Mr. Barnea? Well here you get it !!! In an interview given to the Belgian Flemish TV and as answer to the question: "Do you consider the creation of a separate Palestinian State possible and should Israel eventually start negotiations with the PLO?" Y; Rabin replied: "As I said, the so-called PLO will never be part for negotiations. It does not mean that Israel does not see that there is a Palestinian issue. We believe that the Palestinian issue can and should be solved in a context of peace that will be negotiated between Israel and Jordan. With Jordan we have got borders, south of the Dead Sea, till the Golf of Aqaba, north of the West Bank along the Beit Shean Valley and the Jordan Valley. Therefore, in a solution, a peace solution between Jordan and Israel, I believe that the Palestinian issue can be solved in a way that the Palestinian will find their to express their special identity, but, it will never be through the so-called PLO or through a third independent state. Because a third independent state between Jordan and Israel cannot solve the Palestinian issue and will serve as a time bomb against Jordan as well as against Israel". THI WAS THE REAL RABIN, Mr. Barnea !!!
4. strange
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (08.14.17)
to put Rabin in the same article as Bibi is strange. Rabin basically was driven to eradacate the right. He hated them and they hated him. Rabin called them names.

Had he treated them with respect he might still be alive. But Rabin was foolish.

Bibi seems to have governed the country through very difficult political times and inspite of the difficulty, the country is becoming a very prosporous and successful place to live.

And in reading Barnea's constant picking on Bibi, we can believe and understand that, yes, the leftist media is trying to 'get' Bibi before the country totally rejects the left as being unrealistic.
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