IDF demolishes homes of terrorists who killed Border Policewoman, soldier
Yoav Zitun, Liad Osmo
Published: 10.08.17, 10:18
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1. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (08.10.17)
hope IA sealed off homes with precious possessions before being taken out so that families will really feel pain of what attackers caused to Jewish families.
2. this topic, I have thought alot about
erin ,   usa   (08.11.17)
and continue to think about it. I wonder, what is God's perfect solution? I see the French in WWII, had a large country and should have been able- resource-wise, from stopping the Nazis from ever getting past them. Yet, I think the French thought they were "dealing" with people like they met in other countries. The French were in truth dealing with a group of people that had a singular goal- a goal they stuck to and had no intention of negotiating in any form with anyone who stood in their way. Their goal was to kill whomever was in their way- to their goal literally and metaphorically speaking. The Nazis had no consideration for human life.And we know that the Nazis got their strength, not from God, but from an other source. And the Palestinians are not like Nazis ( Nazis are still here on earth), and they do not worship heavenly hosts as do the supporters of Nazis, from whom they got their "strength/power". So avoiding Nazis, or protecting a group of people from Nazis is a clear choice. The boundaries of protected lands must be set early and held forcibly. I see MKs in the Israeli Knesset have Palestinian and/or Arab heritage. I see Palestinians do not have "industry" within their borders as the Nazis did, which funded the Nazis war machinery. So that is why I ask God to show me what is His perfect way of handling the arguments between the Palestinians and the nation-state of Israel. If the Palestinians are willing to negotiate with or through the United Nations, then they should be willing to receive the U.N.'s enforcement of not killing children or civilians. I guess if the Palestinians want to get something, they like other peoples will need to speak up and state it, and negotiate with the affected parties according to accepted social norms. The statement Palestinians have made thus far seems less clear than is needed to understand, from one human to another, what can be done to do good for people. This 'cloudiness' of requests causes some people to think the Palestinians are dangerous like the Nazis. They don't worship the same God as the Nazis, so since the god that the Nazis worshipped is what powered them to wage horrific war, it seems the Palestinians are different. If the Americans had seen the Nazis for who they really were in WWII, the Americans would not have lost 40,000+ on the beach of France. They would have attacked Nazi posts much differently. That's my point. Clear statements are needed. Clear statements allow for clear action, and clear action allows for less people to be hurt and more people to be helped effectively. This is a good goal for people to have-
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