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Palestinian 'taught to hate Israel' turns Zionist
Elior Levy
Published: 10.08.17, 13:57
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1. What's more incredible is the fact that so many brain-dead
ISRAELIS/Jews born here still believe in "coexistence" with these barbarians, thus in practice denying everything this woman says & any child wit average IQ should know.
Then there's Europe & the US and the rest of Western World to worry about...
Oy Vey, the eternal Useful Idiots.....
2. Palestinian turn zionist
Franklin Paredes ,   Quito   (08.12.17)
She became christian first, it means she choose to live by the Bible instead of by the Koran.
Palestinians should choose to live by the word of God instead, and it will be peace.
3. The Torah she says she wants to follow forbids tattoos.
She needs to remove the tattoos with ozonated olive oil applied many times to fade it out.
4. how many ppl would spit at her in jerusalem
epo   (08.29.17)
when walking around in tank top and displaying tattoo "jesus is the messiah"

she wants to provocate?

5. ER Nurse
Shep ,   Central Point   (09.08.17)
I want to say congratulations, welcome to the family, and I support you.
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